How to apply fake lashes?

Many girls don’t know How To Apply Fake Lashes, and if you don’t know How To Put On Fake Lashes you will destroy your lashes or eye makeup. So today, Lashes Vendor tells you how to apply fake lashes step by step.

1 Take off your Fake Lashes with tweezers from the outside of your lashes tray.

Be careful to catch the band of the lashes, do not touch the fur of the lashes.

There is some glue on the tray to make the lashes on the tray with a perfect shape to match your eye.

5D Mink Lashes 5DM10A
5D Mink Lashes 5DM10A

2 Cut off the excess of the lashes.

Different people different eyes, so you should cut off the excess of the lashes with your scissors to match your eye.

Few people know this, in fact, not each pair of Fake Lashes can fit your eye very well. So you should measure it and cut off the excess of the Fake Eyelash.

3 Apply your lashes glue on the strip of your fake lashes.

There are may two kinds of lashes glue in the market: The first glue if the fast dry one, and when you put them on the band of the trip lashes, they are easy to dry within 2 seconds. This is used by professional makeup artists.

The second one is Hypoallergenic Eyelash Glue. They are safe and can be used by pregnant.

Few Lashes Vendor can produce this, and if you want to Buy the real Best Eyelash Glue, you can contact us.

No matter with lashes glue you use, Make sure to apply evenly so that your eye skin can touch your band of fake lashes totally. This is the basic of your eye makeup.

Wholesale colorful mink lashes CD89
Wholesale colorful mink lashes CD89

4 Wait for your eyelash glue dry and press the strip of your fake lashes.

It will take 5 to 15 seconds according to your eyelash glue. And when the water is gone, and your glue will be sticky.

5 Apply your fake lashes from the inner side to the outside of your eye.

This is the easy way, and you need a mirror to modify the position of the eyelash.

6 Apply black eyeliner to hide the strip of Fake lashes.

When you finish the work, your eye makeup will be natural and professional. And your strip lashes will be your own lashes instead of the fake lashes.

7 Apply mascara to your fake lashes.

You may use mascara if you apply natural fake lashes, and if you apply 20mm lashes or 25mm lashes, you may not use mascara. It depends on your favorite.

8 Apply your eye shadow to make professional eye makeup.

This is the last step of your eye makeup. And the color of the eye shadow depends on the style of fake lashes you choose.

9 Where to find your fake lashes vendor?

Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes is the best Fake Lashes Vendor from China, you can buy fake lashes at the best cheap wholesale price, and we are Fake Lashes Factory so we can supply Best Fake Lashes for you, and if you order bulk lashes, will much cheap than any Fake Lashes Vendors, the more the cheaper.

10 what the price of fake lashes?

Well, it depends on the material of the fake lashes you choose.

If you choose Mink Lashes, that will be a little bit expensive than fiber ones or plastic ones. So if you want to know the details of fake lashes, you can contact us to get an exact wholesale price.

How about Mink Eyelash Vendors ?

As professional Mink Eyelash Vendors, we will always give the Mink Eyelashes enthusiasts some sincere advice.

Some girl’s Luxury Mink Lashes are really expensive and in very good quality. It’s a pity to throw them away for only one-time use.

Do you know that mink lashes with good maintaining can be reused for a long time? No doubt! Here are some tips about how to use and maintain your Wholesale Mink Lashes.

Wholesale 3d mink lashes DJ03(2)
Wholesale 3d mink lashes

Make Up from Mink Eyelash Vendors

Do not put eye shadow or mascara on Cheap Mink Lashes.

Using eye shadow before wearing mink eyelashes. So that the eye shadow can be prevented from being stained on False Eyelashes, making it dirty and difficult to be removed.

Do not brush mascara on mink lashes, mink lashes from Mink Eyelash Vendors will be destroyed once.

If the natural and false eyelashes can not be combined evenly, you can use the electric eyelash clip to electrically lift your real eyelashes, so that the natural and false eyelashes can be combined nicely.

5D Mink Lashes 5DM02
5D Mink Lashes 5DM02

Make Up Removal of Mink Eyelash Vendors

1. If it’s easy to tear off the Eyelash Glue, it certainly can’t stick firmly. So you still have to choose the glue that sticks firmly, and it will be difficult to pull it off.

2. Never pull it out with your hands. This will not only relax the eyelids, but also pull out the original eyelashes, and will easily damage the Best Mink Eyelashes.

Yellow lashwoods packaging
Yellow lashwoods packaging

3. Use a cotton swab to cover the makeup remover (liquid), and brush the root of the mink eyelashes several times to let the makeup remover penetrate into the gap between the mink eyelashes and eyelids

4. Use a cotton swab to gently brush down the root of the Mink Lashes Wholesale, the glue will slowly dissolve, the mink eyelashes will fall off, or become very loose, you just need to gently take it down.

Maintain (Mink Eyelash Vendors)

1. Put the mink eyelashes into a small bowl, and then pour in an appropriate amount of makeup remover. The makeup remover should be slightly less than the mink eyelashes. Soak for 5-10 minutes.

2. Poke it with a little cotton stick to stab the place where the mink eyelashes are dirty (that is, glue and mascara), and then find that the dirt is slowly dissolved.

3. You will find that it is difficult to clean the eyelash glue in the area of the eyelash stem. You can tear the glue off slowly with your lash tweezers.

4. Put the cleaned mink eyelashes in warm water. Then gently swing the mink eyelashes with tweezers and rinse them dry.

  • When it’s dry, you can put it away and keep it in a special eyelash box.

There are also some more tips to be aware of:

1. Mink eyelashes also need to be combed. Combing false eyelashes can also make it better integrate with real eyelashes

2. No often touching! Curly and charming eyelashes are very attractive, but they are weakly. It can’t stop touching your lashes, especially if they start to feel uncomfortable or loose.

You need change your eyelash adhesive to make your eyelashes more comfortable and firmer instead of touching them.

For false eyelashes, the harder the material is, the more difficult it is to deform, and the more times it can be reused.

On the contrary, the softer it is, the easier it is to deform and the fewer times it is reused. For example, if nylon plastic false eyelashes are properly maintained, they can be reused for more than 20 times;

if cotton thread and human hair false eyelashes are properly maintained, they can also be used for about 5 times.

Take good care of your false eyelashes, girls. It’s really simple, it will help your false eyelashes look beautiful and lasting.

How about our lashes tools of Mink Eyelash Vendors?

For a girl who loves beauty, applying mink lashes is a necessary course. However, as a new makeup artist, applying mink lashes seems a difficult part to learn.

Here’s some tips and processes for you. With a little practice and the right tools, you would find the mink lash application is so easy! You are the handy girl.

Tools: eyeliner, eyelash curler, lash scissors, tweezers, glue, Eyelash Washing Machine, and your mink eyelashes.Eyeliner Pen: you want a stay-all-day makeup with no mess then waterproof adhesive eyeliner pen is recommended.

1.Eyelash Curler: A fun tool in your makeup bag. Watching mom curl her eyelashes like a magician, you had tried with this magic tool, however it clipped the eyelids~~

wholesale rose gold eyelash curlers
wholesale rose gold eyelash curlers

Now you are good at using it to curl your natural eyelashes. It can also blend the false lash perfectly with your natural eyelashes.

2.eyelash scissors: This is absolutely a necessary tool. The Wholesale Mink Lashes may not fit your eye shape and width. You need the scissors to trim the mink eyelashes to the right width, just like a custom-made.


3.Tweezers: In fact, it’s a little difficult to hold the eyelashes and put them on your eyelids by hand. Then try this small tool. You will find it’s more flexible than your hands to grip the Mink Eyelashes and stick them in the right place. Trust me, this is a must.

rose gold eyelash applicators
rose gold eyelash applicators

4.Glue and eyelashes: No doubt, every lash needs glue. I know some of you are worried about the glue is very difficult to apply on the lashes. There is a small trick in our glue applicator design. An easy glide brush that applies the glue evenly to your false lash. No more mad about putting on too much glue.

eyelash glue eyeliner pen Vendor
eyelash glue eyeliner pen Vendor

5.Eyelash Washing Machines: Any makeup that comes in contact with the air can get dirty very easily. It is essential to regularly clean your eyelashes. Just a few simple steps to clean your eyelashes.


Open the lid of the eyelash washing machine, put the eyelashes in, and just click the “start” button. It’s over. It’s as simple as that.

telephone paper boxes
telephone paper boxes

Key process:

1. According to the shape and size of your eyes to trim the mink lashes, cut to the most suitable length

2. Curl your Natural Lashes

3. Apply the eyeliner

4. Glue the mink lashes

5. Fix the mink lashes from the middle, then the ends of the head and tail. Don’t forget use the small tool, tweezers.

6. Fill the blanks with eyeliner. Glue exposed somewhere, use the eyeliner to cover it.

wholesale mink eyelashes DJ96
Wholesale Mink Eyelashes DJ96

7. Use the eyelash curler to blend your Natural Lash with the mink lashes.

8. Apply the mascara cream on both eyelashes.

Do you often complain that your makeup bag isn’t big enough? Your lashes always get flat or crushed in it. That’s because you need a perfect eyelash storage to carry your eyelashes. Our eyelash storage box is good at saving space, small and cute!

Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes is one of the best mink lash vendors in China for more than 20 years. We always supply quality wholesale mink lashes, Faux Mink Lashes and silk lashes at competitive factory prices. Welcome clients all around the world!

What problem should notice when choosing Wholesale Mink Lash?

What problem should notice when choosing Wholesale Mink Lash?

Wholesale Mink is the most popular source of eyelashes, not only because of its soft texture, but also because it shows off the elegance of girls. The shape of each person’s eyes is different, according to their own situation to choose their own Wholesale Mink Eyelashes is the pursuit of beauty of every girl must have skills, today we focus on what problems that the girls with small eyes should pay attention to.
eyelashes vendor DJ143
eyelashes vendor DJ143
Applying Luxury Mink Lashes on small eyes is a challenge, not only Mink Lashes are usually too big to wear, but also frustrated to blend two layers of lashes together for a natural look. Luckily, It not necessary to be in this case if you follow the below tips:

1. Mascara is a must-have about Wholesale Mink

Obviously, no one wants to be recognized wearing Cheap Mink Eyelashes, mascara is a great invention to stop the hustle, and helps your natural eyelashes and False Eyelashes blend together. Be careful here, adding too much mascara will cause bad gunky finish. However, in order to make it more convenient and save time, our company also produces Eyelash Glue Eyeliner, which can act as both a pencil and glue.
3d minkllashes vendor DJ118
3d minkllashes vendor DJ118

2. Trim to best fit for Wholesale Mink

When your eyes are small, most mink lashes are way big. Time to customize ourselves! Keep in mind to cut from the outer corner instead of the inner corner, and you could try wearing them at 2/3 eyelid to help enlarge your eye shape glamorously. Fortunately, there are some brands do notice this problem for a certain group of consumers, if you dig deep enough, probably will find a couple’s brands offer designing small eyelashes.

3. Proper glue last longer

Eyelash Glue is the key to whole eye makeup. Since the glue directly attaches to our skin, need to be careful to choose the trusted big brands.
wholesale 3d eyelashes DJ24
wholesale 3d eyelashes DJ24
Same as mascara, if applying not enough glue, Mink Eyelashes will be loosed up, on the other hand, it will cause Messy Lashes and hard to take off if adding too much glue. The way to overcome is through more practice, eventually, you find the code.

4. Adhesive eyeliner after

Adhesive eyeliner pen has the magic power which instantly enlarges your eyes perfectly. The additional benefits of eyeliner are fill in the gap between Natural lashes and false lash by not letting your lash strip so obvious. Now you have got all the tricks and ready to shine!  Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes is one leading Wholesale Lashes Vendor in China.
wholesale cheap 3d mink eyelashes DJ54
wholesale cheap 3d mink eyelashes DJ54
Check our website for hundreds of quality 3D Mink Lashes options now! Either you are a lash business owner or a lash consumer, you could find the right strip lashes here. Welcome our clients all around the world! Let me guess, you must be seeing quite some girls wearing mink lashes to enhance their eye look, and feeling quite encouraged to choose one of yours. Before we jump into the purchase, it is very important that your questions are answered so you would be happy with the purchase. Here following are the 3 most common questions that you have about the mink lashes.

Do you know what is the wholesale mink lashes?

1. What is mink lashes?

Mink Lashes are known from the name, taking from the fur of mink. Since it is a real hair, mink lashes last much longer than other types of man-made false eyelashes, with additional advantages such as light-weighted, meanwhile keep soft. Even mink lashes labeled up to $30 for one pair, it doesn’t affect they are the most popular eyelashes.
mink eyelashes vendorDJ111
Mink Eyelashes Vendor DJ111

2. What style is fit for me?

There are many brands on the market for mink eyelashes, it’s worth to invest some time to review and study. Browsing other consumer’s reviews on the product page. The real trick comes from picking for your eye shape, and what effect you want to reach. Classic eyelashes are for natural-looking beginners if you don’t want to be a drama. Once you get along well with faux lashes, more and more girls like dramatic volume look by 25MM Mink Lashes.  As for eye shape, there are round eyes, hooded eyes, almond eyes.
Wholesale marble lashes packaging
Wholesale marble lashes packaging
For hooded eyes, we can emphasize you are natural shape by long lashes in the center. Rounded eyes are amazing big eyes! Avoiding thick false lashes, wispy and winged eyelashes are a good choices. Almond eyes are the most common shape, and perfectly to create cat-eye, even better you have no restrictions on length and volume.

3. How to wear them correctly?

Simply remember the below steps: Roll-trim-glue-mascara Tool: eyelash glue, tweezer, mascara
wholesale colored mink lashes CD98
wholesale colored mink lashes CD98
Take out mink lashes from the package by tweezer, grabbing the band. Keep in mind picking from the band not hair, or it will cause damage to lashes. Then roll the eyelashes to relax a little bit. Compare your eye shape with mink lashes, you can cut from the outer corner. Now we are ready to put on lashes just one more step-adding glue. Apply the proper amount of glue on the band, then wait for 30-60 seconds. Tap closer with your Natural Eyelashes and Best Mink Lashes by hand or tweezer. Finally adding mascara will help two layers blend even better.

Where to buy cheap wholesale mink lashes?

Of course. We can simply think of Good Cheap Lashes as good quality eyelashes with a affordable price.

Essentially it’s not so simple to define. Cheap lashes, of course, don’t mean bad, low-quality lashes.

eyelash glue eyeliner pen
eyelash glue eyeliner pen

Although the price we offer is very low, it does not affect the high quality products we produce.

Because our raw materials are carefully selected, and only the best quality mink tail hair can be used for Luxury Mink Lashes.

We are only committed to the production of high quality and noble Luxury Eyelashes.

What is cheap in most people’s eyes is often of poor quality.

However, we can guarantee that the lashes we introduce to you today are all high quality, noble and luxurious lashes.
wholesale purple eyelash applicators
wholesale purple eyelash applicators
It is important for every eyelash buyer that the wholesale price is lower than the retail price, but the quality is very high. The Best 3D Mink Eyelashes in the world are made in China. There are many eyelash producers in the world, most of which are in developing countries. If your Eyelash Vendor is located in Qingdao, China, then that must be a good place for Lashes Wholesale. Qingdao is the birthplace and origin of eyelashes, where there are thousands of eyelashes enterprises which have long developmental history, mature technology, inexpensive price and high quality lashes.
inner factory
inner factory

Cheap Bulk Lashes are the favorite of most eyelash buyers. Why?

Because Bulk Eyelashes are always affordable to most small business owners. Not only that, they are of very good quality. In other words, buying our lashes from Wholesale Lashes Vendors can always be more profitable. Compared with other eyelash vendors, we will also provide the following facilities to help you start your eyelash business smoothly.

Free eyelash samples. (Please see the following for details.)


A low price.

High quality eyelashes.

Design eyelash box for free.

Fast transportation.

Complete after-sales service.

Why choose us as your Wholesale Lash Vendors?

What is Wholesale Lash Vendors?

Suppliers are both rivals and partners in business negotiations. Wholesale Lash Vendors refer to enterprises and individuals that supply various resources needed by enterprises and their competitors, including raw materials, equipment, energy, labor, etc.

Eyelash vendors are those who specialize in producing and supplying eyelashes to buyers in bulk.

Wholesale Mink Eyelashes can make you rich and help you start an eyelash business.

wholesale 3D Mink Lashes vendor

wholesale 3D Mink Lashes vendor

Because our Mink Eyelashes are the Affordable Mink Eyelashes, everyone can buy and try our Mink Eyelashes.

If you Start Your Own Mink Eyelash Business, you’ll become the boss, and then you’ll get richer and richer, and your eyelash business will get better and better.

Mink eyelashes are the best in the world.We import mink fur from Siberia.Not all mink hair can be used as raw material.

We select carefully, throw away any damaged parts, and only use the most complete lashes to seek the best lashes.

white lashes packaging with window

white lashes packaging with window

Why choose us as your Wholesale Lash Vendors?


At Kissed Lashes, we always deliver the Best Mink Eyelashes products and services to you. As both a Lashes Wholesaler as well as a major Eyelash Vendor, we now have three production bases where we produce Lashes Extensions , & custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes. Our production section covers various 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, and even 6D Eyelashes products. If that was not enough, Kissed Lashes also provides auxiliary tools such as false eyelash glue, cleaner, magnetic eyeliner, tweezers, Eyelash washing machine and much more.

wholesale black eyelash curlers

wholesale black eyelash curlers

Kissed Lashes focuses on quality just as much as quantity when it comes to our factories of Dramatic Eyelashes & eyelash accessories. With years of understanding this market, Kissed Lashes knows about eyelash products and has been technically innovating the industry since arrival. We always try our best to follow customer demand, always trying to innovate to what customers want and need. All of this is done to prove quality service overall.

eyelashes vendor DJ143

eyelashes vendor DJ143


With shipments to the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and other regions. We send our products after being thoroughly tested for quality, which is often why people continue to be repeat customers for us.

best wholesale mink lashes DJW100

best wholesale mink lashes DJW100


At Lashes Factories, we use a terrific scientific management and service system, which uses advanced production equipment. Overall, that ensures the quality of all our services and products. All of our False Lashes are produced in a dust-free and sterile eyelash processing workshop. We even use ultraviolet sterilization to properly disinfect everything.


We use quality inspection that will strictly check the lashes to ensure they are top quality before leaving the shop.

best mink eyelashes DJ98

best mink eyelashes DJ98


Cultivate the eyelash industry deeply

Manage with heart and soul

Build an influential brand

From learning to transcending

cheap lashesDJ61

cheap lashesDJ61

You can always trust Kissed Lashes as your reliable Eyelash Wholesale Vendor!

We are ready to serve you better!

Kissed Lashes



What can we provide to you as Wholesale Lash Vendors?

Short-term criteria for selecting vendors include: suitable quality of goods, low price level, timely delivery and good overall service level.


A responsible Eyelash Supplier can often be of great help to customers.

Big lashes packagings

Big lashes packagings

First of all, they will introduce their products very detailed.

Second, we will describe in detail the eyelash production process, including their factory.

Third, in addition to providing eyelashes, good suppliers often also provide you with eyelash tools, eyelash boxes, etc.

Last but not least, our company will design the eyelash packing box for customers for free.

In a word , we can always offer more than Eyelash Wholesale USA.

Candy lashes packaging from mink lashes vendor

Candy lashes packaging from mink lashes vendor


If you buy any product from any other eyelash wholesaler, they will always tell you that their minimum order is 20, 30, 40 or more.

However, we will tell you that we do not have a minimum order for our lashes.

In other words, you can buy a pair of eyelashes at our house.

This shows our willingness to work with you, which I’m sure many other noble mink eyelash suppliers can’t do.

We want to reassure all our customers.

Of course, we can not only let you decide to buy the number of eyelashes.

You can also provide free samples of eyelashes.

Read on for more details.

eyelashes factories

eyelashes factories

How about eyelashes packaging of Wholesale Lash Vendors?

If you want to start a new lashes business ,you’d bettter to know how to design a professional eyelash packaging.

The contents of the Lashes Packaging Boxes can be divided into five parts (brand name, LOGO, color, slogan, social media information.)

When we get a package of lashes, we usually start by looking at the brand name on the package.

Through the brand name, consumers will have an impression on you and your eyelash business.

Second, LOGO. Professional LOGO makes consumers remember your brand through lines, colors and so on, enhancing the value of the brand.

custom eyelash packagings26

custom eyelash packagings26

The third point is the color of the box. The color of the box must match that of the LOGO, which requires careful design by the designer.

Fourth, the slogan. If the brand is the eye of the box, the slogan is the soul of it. To impress consumers with your brand, the slogan should be simple, interesting, insightful, and appealing.

Last but not least, social media information. Many Eyelash Boxes Vendors won’t alert you to this because of information disclosure.

Professionally, if you have already designed this information, we recommend adding it. Not only will you build your sales channel, but you’ll also get free advertising. Why not?

Whether the product is good or not, just look at the factory. We constantly invite customers to visit our factory, because only by understanding the entire industrial chain can you become a professional buyer.

Suppose you want to know more about Lashes Packaging, please go to the details on the home page.

Wholesale Mink Lashes And Packaging Vendors

Lashes Vendor, as the most professional Wholesale Mink Lashes And Packaging Vendors, we supply all kinds of Wholesale Mink Lashes and Custom Lashes Packaging in the USA.

Why most girls would like to choose Lashes Vendor to be their wholesale mink lashes?

First, our luxury mink lashes all designed by our own designer, unique in the market, and can easily sell out in a short time.

Most of our customers will make the order each week, and they buy 100 pairs of mink lashes and sold ours in 5-10 days.
25MM 3D Mink Lashes DJ134
25MM 3D Mink Lashes DJ134

Second, make too many profits from the cooperation with us.

As you know, we are Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendor USA, our Lashes Factory is located in China, and we supply the best wholesale price to you to help people open the market and earn opportunities to be rich in this COVID-19 Serious Time.

Third, best cheap mink lashes price.

We can supply the best cheap mink lashes price for you because we have our own Eyelash Factory, and you buy wholesale mink lashes directly from our factory. So that will be much cheaper than the Lashes Trading Company.

How many style mink lashes do you have?

we have more than 200 styles of lashes in stock. All the lashes are tested by the market and customer. All of our customers can easily sell them out in a short time. And we have produced more than 2000 styles in the market, and we published the most popular 200 styles to the market after the survey. If you want to order your own lashes style, such as Lilly Lashes Style Miami, we are Lilly Lashes Vendor, and we can do the same style and same quality for you.
5D Mink Lashes 5DM02
5D Mink Lashes 5DM02

How can I test your Lashes quality?

You can contact us to get three free luxury mink lashes sample to test the quality. And this is an easy way to test the quality. Not each Mink Lashes Vendor can send your three free luxury mink lashes to test the lashes, but we can do this, we just pay for the cost of the mink lashes for you, and we want more and more girls to buy and use the real mink fur lashes, and supply the real top-grade luxury mink lashes to their customers. And once our luxury mink lashes meet your local market, your customer will love them very much. And you will win your local market in a short time, and then you can Buy Bulk Mink Lashes Order after the testing.

Do you do Mink Lashes Packaging?

Yes, we have our own Lashes Packaging Factory. And we supply four kinds of lashes packaging for you to promote your mink lashes and make a professional appearance.
wholesale eyelash packaging
wholesale eyelash packaging

First, Free Eyelash Packaging.

This is suitable for the beginner who wants to start a mink lashes business line with little budget. And they can easily start a mink lashes business line within only 24 Hours.

Second, Regular Lashes Packaging without logo.

This packaging can protect your lashes very well, with a regular logo or brand name, and very popular in the market. All this packaging is in stock, and you can order directly.

Third, regular lashes packaging with private label.

You can send us your logo, and we can produce a private logo label for you within 24Hours, and put your logo label on the regular packaging. In this way, the lashes packaging will be much cheaper than the custom eyelash packaging. Besides, this will be faster than the custom one.

Fourth, Custom lash Packaging

This lashes packaging is the most professional eyelash boxes. If you want to build your lashes brand and enhance your lashes business line, you should do these custom lash boxes. This will cost a little bit expensive than the other lash packaging and will take about 10 business days to finish the work. We have to design first and make sure all the information will be the correct one and professional one. And then, we send the design photo to the Lashes Boxes Factory to produce for you. But this is the most professional way to produce your lashes packaging. So even if this cost a little bit expensive than the other ways, many girls still want to design and produce a new style of lashes packaging to show their ideas and personality. Anyway, you should make the decision according to your budget. You will meet different issues at different stages. Just face them and solve them in your own way, instead of comparing, hesitating, crying, just do it.
custom eyelash packaging
custom eyelash packaging

How long will you do lashes and packaging?

Well, it depends on your order, if you only order mink lashes, and regular lashes packaging order lashes packaging with private label, we can ship to you within 24Hours. If you do custom lashes packaging, we have to design for you first, and then produce for you, and this will takes about 10 business days. And some Lash Vendors said, they can only finish the work within 3 days, then you can’t change your color and ideas, you have to choose lashes packaging from the catalog your vendor supply to you. Then, they just printing your logo on the box for you. If so, any Lashes Vendor can finish the work within 3 days. Different craft takes different time.
Custom lash packagings
Custom lash packagings

How long will the shipment be?

We usually choose the best international express company to be our partner to ship the goods for us. Such as FedEx, DHL, TNT, usually, it will take 3-5 business days. Very efficient shipping ways. And if you make bulk orders, that will be 7-10 business days in a safe way. So you should all the time your order will take and make the order in a good time. Instead of order the lashes when you sold out all your products. You should order mink lashes in advance, this is helpful and kind advice, otherwise, you will lose your customer. Wish this will be helpful for you guys, and for more questions and skills please add WhatsApp, and we will reply As soon as possible.

What should you know about wholesale lash prices of Wholesale Lash Vendors?

Are you finding the appropriate Wholesale Lash Vendors? You are very lucky to read this article.

The Mink Eyelash price of different design can have certain difference.

Our company sells the most comprehensive Cheap Mink Lashes product on the market.

our eyelashes manufacture
our eyelashes manufacture

Next, we will introduce five types of Best Cheap Eyelash products to you.

First of all, Mink Lashes can be divided into three types according to different lengths.

The first is the 13-18mm Natural Lashes. The price of this lashes is only $3 per pair.

The second is the 20mm Dramatic Mink Lashes, which cost around $4 per pair.

Finally, the third lashes, which are the longest, are called the Long Dramatic Mink Lashes, which are the most popular, and cost $5 per pair.

Secondly, let’s introduce Faux Mink Lashes. The price of this kind of lashes can be discussed, and the price we offer is 2 $-3 $.

Of course, the more lashes you buy, we will consider reducing the price for you.

In addition, one of the most popular products in our company is Messy 25mm Mink Lashes.

The price we offer for this type of eyelash is 4 $.

Moreover, Colored Mink Lashes is also recommended for beauty bloggers and buyers to consider.

This style of eyelash is varied, can create a variety of stage effect will definitely give unexpected surprise.

The last thing we want to introduce to you is Colorful Fiber Mink Lashes.

This is definitely a good quality and Affordable Eyelash.

USD luxury lashes packaging
USD luxury lashes packaging

Each pair of eyelashes costs $3

The price of the packing box

The price of the eyelash box falls into two categories.

One is currency sales, which have a large stock of eyelash boxes, so the price will be slightly lower.

It costs about $1 – $1.5.

The other is the custom style of the eyelash box.

The customized eyelash box needs your Logo and pattern as well as the color of the box you want.

wholesale 3d lashes DJ58
wholesale 3d lashes DJ58

The minimum order for this custom style of eyelash box is 50 boxes.

Since it takes a lot of time and energy to customize the box, the price we offer will be reasonable.

The price of each eyelash box is $3.50.

From design to printing, we will design according to the style you want, so that the result will be satisfactory.

All in all, you must know that the more quantity you buy, the lower the price will be.

It’s an immutable truth or a business strategy that shows our honest trading.

Wholesale cute pink lashes cases
Wholesale cute pink lashes cases

Where to find Wholesale lash vendors?

Finding the most reliable eyelash supplier is the most important step in starting an eyelash business.

The history of Mink Lashes originated in Peking Opera in China. It is well known that China was the first country in the world to invent and use False Eyelashes. False Eyelashes were used for art, but later, they were used for more than art and to give women confidence and attractiveness.

Nowadays, the beauty that will reflect a lady fully with eyelash is more and more popular, and mink skin eyelash becomes one of indispensable things.


China is the world’s largest eyelash production base, with numerous eyelash companies and suppliers.

The Best 3D Mink Eyelashes in the world are made in China.

There are many eyelash producers in the world, most of which are in developing countries. If your Eyelash Vendor is located in Qingdao, China, then that must be a good place for Lashes Wholesale.

Qingdao is the birthplace and origin of eyelashes, where there are thousands of eyelashes enterprises which have long developmental history, mature technology, inexpensive price and high quality lashes.

Who is the best wholesale lash vendors?

Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes can stand out thanks to the affirmation of new and old customers. Of course, this is inseparable from the high quality products we offered.

Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes Cosmetics Co., LTD., whose main brand is 3D Mink Eyelashes, has some of the Best Mink Eyelashes Wholesale in the world. We are professional Eyelash Suppliers, committed to providing the most specialized service for every customer.

Our service concept.

Integrity Service

Patient Service

Careful Service

Warm Heart Service

Love Service

Intimate Service

wholesale mink lashes vendors
wholesale mink lashes vendors

Our working principle is: we will be active, warm, careful, patient and sincere when receiving visiting customers.

When replying to customers’ questions: We will be practical and realistic, focus on efficiency, and ensure quality.

Our company has been committed to the production of high quality Luxury Mink Lashes.

If you want to seek very Cheap Eyelash products, then you can consider other cheap but not guaranteed quality eyelash products.

Trust us, we will provide you with the best quality eyelash products to guarantee your satisfaction.

How do you choose Mink Lashes In Bulk?

What kinds of eyelash styles can you choose?

Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes has a wide range of mink lashes in bulk. According to different classification standards, we can divide them into various Luxury Mink Eyelash products suitable for different groups of people.

① According to the length of the eyelashes,

we can divide the eyelashes into 13-18mm, 20mm and 25mm.

② According to the material of eyelashes,

our main products include mink hair eyelashes, synthetic eyelashes, human hair eyelashes and horse hair eyelashes.
eyelashes vendor DJ143
eyelashes vendor DJ143
But eyelashes made of horse hair can feel very hard and not very comfortable to wear. So we choose the best material, which is 100 percent mink hair for the lashes.

③ Im terms of the different makeup preferences of each beauty lover,

we can also divide eyelashes into Natural Eyelashes, dramatic eyelashes and long dramatic  lashes. Of course, we can also produce eyelashes with the length of 25mm or above. We will provide you with eyelashes of any length as long as you need.

④ Speaking of color,

we have to say that eyelashes can also have different colors. The most common is natural black eyelashes, which are all natural and have the same color as human eyelashes. Pure black lashes blend well with the human eye, making them ideal for everyday groomers and eye makeup lovers. The other is colored eyelashes, which are more suitable for open and relaxed situations.
Yellow lashwoods packaging
Yellow lashwoods packaging

⑤ Under different scenes,

we should also pay attention to wearing different styles of eyelashes.

The eyelashes applied in the workplace will mostly reflect the charm of business women. Lashes worn for work will be very simple and natural.

Brides often choose their wedding eyelashes according to their preferences, which will reflect the bride’s happy mood.

If we are attending a party or a festival event, we can choose a more personal lashes and colorful lashes are also a good choice.

Stage lashes. In order to achieve a variety of stage effects, makeup artists will make different styles of different colors of eyelashes for the performers on the stage according to different themes.

Travel lashes. Most travel lashes will be very comfortable and light, ensuring basic makeup and giving the wearer a clear line of sight without affecting the beautiful view.

5D Mink Lashes 5DM07
5D Mink Lashes 5DM07

⑥According to different adhesives and agents,

eyelashes can also be divided into glue eyelashes and magnetic eyelashes. Glue eyelashes are mostly on the market. Magnetic eyelash refers to a tiny magnetic block in the eyelash belt, with the help of magnets to adsorb eyelashes. But the drawback is that the magnet will increase the weight of the eyelashes, which can cause eye strain. And the magnetic block is mostly installed on the natural short eyelashes. If used on the long eyelashes, the weight is too large and easy to make the eyelashes fall off.

What are the features of the Wholesale 3D Mink lashes ?

First, each pair of eyelashes produced by our company is very fluffy, which is due to the 3D effect created by our physical high-temperature technology.

eyelash glue eyeliner
eyelash glue eyeliner

Second, our eyelashes are very soft and very comfortable to wear because the 3D Mink Lashes Strips are made of cotton.

The third, Mink lashes in bulk looks very realistic.

Fourth, they are fascinating and amazing.

Fifth, they are deluxe and luxury.

Sixth, we have our own unique team of designers.

Seventh, They are very easy to wear, and suitable for personal makeup.

How to start a business with mink lashes in bulk?

Dear friends, when you read here in this article, you must be excited in start your own lashes business. In the beginning of your business, you need to figure out which steps you have to go.

1. 【Brand】

Think about your brand name and create your brand logo.


Find a reliable vendor is the most neccessary thing. A good vendor can garentee your product quality and turn around time.

Some people just focus on the price, but you should know that price is important but not most important.

For the long-cooperation between you and your vendor, it is suggest to communicate more details before place order and test smaple if neccessary.


When finally you decide to place your first formal order, you are suppost to tell all your requirement to your vendor, if your vendor is professional, they can make a perfect design renderings of box with logo even exceed your expectations.

USD luxury lashes packaging
USD luxury lashes packaging

4.【Payment part】

Usually most of international vendor accept PayPal. If you don’t have PayPal, some of vendor accept Western Union either.

white lashes packaging with window
white lashes packaging with window

5.【Ads & Sale】

That is what you need to prepare. During these weeks, you can prepare to promote your product online or offline. Release information in social media, create promotion activity, attract the attention of your customers, you are really good at it.

6. 【Best wishes】

Finally you receive the goods, then you could start to sell. Wish you good luck and successful!

What is Mink Eyelashes Wholesale?

Ⅰ. What are the Mink Eyelashes Wholesale?

Mink Lashes Wholesale is that you can purchase the mink lashes you like with the relatively lower price. That is to say, if you choose Mink Lashes Wholesaler, you can start your own eyelashes business and gain high profits. Further, you can become a big boss, and your lashes business will become larger and larger.
telephone paper boxes
telephone paper boxes

Ⅱ. Why do Mink Lashes Wholesale?

Mink is a raw material to make high-quality mink lashes. As you know, there are many raw materials in the market. For example, horse hair, human hair, synthetic hair and mink. However, it is necessary to identify some inferior materials among them. In general, it takes some extra time to choose and test them.
Wholesale marble lashes packaging
Wholesale marble lashes packaging
I want to say, if you trust us, please contact us and we will give you some sincere suggestions or recommend reliable directly to you. So, you will save a lot of valuable time. There are many advantages of mink fur. Therefore, we choose the mink fur from Siberia. Siberian mink fur is the best material to create excellent Mink Lashes Wholesale. However, not all the ingredients are used, we select them carefully to discard all the damaged ones, and only use the most complete eyelashes for the best results.
wholesale lashes boxes
wholesale lashes boxes

Ⅲ. Where to find the best Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendor?

You can come to China to visit some famous factories. China is the largest eyelash manufacturing base where you can find many eyelash companies and suppliers and Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendors. So, you can choose whatever you want here. And the best eyelashes in the world are made in China. Suppliers and vendors from China have mature experience not only in producing material and in workmanship, but also in designing packaging and transportation. As you know, China is the birthplace of eyelashes and the first use is for an art–Beijing Opera. However, eyelashes nowadays are not only foe art, but also for improving the confidence and charming of ladies.
beat mink eyelashes DJ85
beat mink eyelashes DJ85
More importantly, Chinese companies and factories can provide you with a relatively lower price of Mink Lashes Mink Wholesale. This is Chinese competitive price advantage. On the other hand, because of pandemic, you can not come to China, so you can by searching engine, for instance, Google, to search the mink lashes wholesale vendor you want to cooperate with. And then contact them to find the mink lashes you like.

Ⅳ. How to find the best Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendor?

There are some ways to find a Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendor:

1)Online and Offline Modes

① Online Channel

Electric business platform, App and website that we are familiar with, all belong to online channel. More than 80% of the customers use Google to search Mink Lash Vendors because of the impact from COVID-19 on offline trade. For instance, Google, a screening platform, will preferentially show the excellent vendors to the importer and you can easily find a domestic or international one as your vendor.
5D Mink Lashes 5DM08
5D Mink Lashes 5DM08

② Offline Channel

Offline channel mainly refers to international trade fair where Wholesale Lash Vendors from different countries all gather to sell products and services of their Eyelash Vendors Wholesale. But during the epidemic, in order to avoid cross-infection, all activities with large gatherings of people in various countries were temporarily canceled, and major manufacturers began to compete online. In addition, we will mainly introduce some online channels to find your eyelash supplier.
wholesale 3D mink lashes vendors
wholesale 3D mink lashes vendors

2)Several online platforms and media

① Google

Google is the world’s largest search engine company. Meanwhile, as you search for Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendor, Google will recommend you a perfect list. What’s more, you will enjoy our sincere ideas on how to negotiate with your lash vendor, how to choose the most popular production, and how to get a good price.

② YouTube

YouTube, the world’s largest video website, collects many professional videos released by Wholesale Lashes Suppliers. Therefore, you can search Wholesale Messy Mink Lashes Vendors directly and YouTube will recommend highly viewed and popular videos for you, and provide you with a lot of ideas for eyelash styles and packing boxes. You will get the best reference here.

③ Facebook

Facebook is a rather famous social media site. Further, you can search for China Messy Mink Lashes Vendor to get the related information.
wholesale mink lashes packaging
wholesale mink lashes packaging

Ⅴ. How many kinds of Mink Lashes Wholesale?

We create many kinds of styles. Various styles and colors can be chosen. From here, you can find your favorite mink lashes easily. In addition, according to different classification criteria, mink lashes wholesale  can be divided into the following styles.

1 Length of Mink Eyelashes Wholesale  

   According to the length of mink eyelashes wholesale, lashes can be divided into three kinds. That is, 13-18mm mink lashes, 20mm mink lashes and 25mm mink lashes.

①13-18mm Mink Lashes Wholesale

These lashes look natural and real, and don’t make you too flamboyant, instead, the full embodiment of your noble, elegant temperament. Therefore, we call it natural style.
Wholesale Mink Lashes DJ24
Wholesale Mink Lashes DJ24

②20mm Wholesale Mink Lashes

This kind of lashes looks natural as well as attractive, but when worn, it makes the person feel more confident, sexy and elegant. They are neither flamboyant nor optional, but just right. So, we call it dramatic style.
Wholesale Mink Lashes DJ96
Wholesale Mink Lashes DJ96

③25mm Mink Lashes Wholesale

Not only will these lashes give you confidence, but they will also make you look very attractive and sexy. With these lashes, you will shine and be the center of attention. Therefore, we call it long dramatic style.
Wholesale Mink Lashes DJ134
Wholesale Mink Lashes DJ134

3Makeup Preferenceof Mink Eyelashes Wholesale

Natural Style

13-18mm mink lashes are suitable for women in workplace or school, making you look more beautiful and natural.

Dramatic Style

20mm mink lashes are suitable for women in any case, making you neither too ostentatious nor too natural.

Long Dramatic Style

25mm mink lashes are suitable for women in party or wedding, making you more attractive and sexy. Young people usually choose dramatic and long dramatic style, while older people are likely to choose the natural style.

3.Color of Mink Eyelashes Wholesale    

There are two kinds of color– natural black and colorful.

①Natural Black Mink Lashes Wholesale 

They are very close to human hair, and easy to integrate with it. Suitable for daily makeup, especially for eye makeup, to highlight the charming charm of the eyes. This is the style most women choose and wear.
eyelash glue eyeliner
eyelash glue eyeliner

②Colored Wholesale Mink Eyelashes

They are artificially dyed to form. Various colors of lashes are produced by using different colors of colorants. They are suitable for the stage, parties, banquets and other enthusiastic occasions, showing your personality and passion fully.

4.Application Scenarios of Wholesale Mink Eyelashes   

Workplace Mink Eyelashes Wholesale

Most women in the workplace opt for the natural style in order to give their clients an impression of natural expression, so we specifically designed our workplace lashes to meet the needs of women in the workplace. Natural lashes make your eyes more energetic and fully reflect the charm of women in the workplace.

Wedding Mink Eyelashes Wholesale

Wedding lashes are an essential part of eye makeup. The bride choose freely the lashes she like because of her own hobby, some brides like natural and beautiful style, some like passionate and charming style. Above all, wedding eyelashes reflect the happiness and sweetness of the bride.
USD lashes drawer with handle boxes
USD lashes drawer with handle boxes

Feasts and Festivals Mink Eyelashes Wholesale

Festivals and banquets eyelashes are usually designed to create a lively atmosphere and stimulate your passion, so they can fully reflect your personality and leave good and precious memories on festivals and banquets. What’s more, the flamboyant design and colorful eyelashes are often chosen to build more high atmosphere.

Stage Mink Eyelashes Wholesale

Colored eyelashes are often used to create a theatrical effect. The makeup artist will choose eyelashes in the same color as the stage theme to present a better stage effect and leave a deeper impression on the audience.

Travel Wholesale Mink Eyelashes

They can maintain the basic makeup of the eyes without blocking the view. So you can fully enjoy the beautiful scenery, and long-term wear will not make you fatigue. Light and comfortable natural style is the indispensable eyelashes in travel.

Dating Wholesale Mink Eyelashes

Dating eyelashes are designed to give your partner the best possible look, and we have many styles to choose from. When you are on a date with your partner, wearing our mink lashes will make you more attractive and make your relationship even stronger. Enjoy a lucky sweet moment with your Mr. Right and Eyelashes Factories!
Wholesale mink lashes colorful lashes CD34
Wholesale mink lashes colorful lashes CD34

5.Adhesive Material of Wholesale Mink Eyelashes   

According to the different adhesives that connect the eyelashes and the part skin of eyes, our mink lashes wholesale can be divided into glue eyelashes and magnetic eyelashes.
Glue eyelashes.
Using glue to wear eyelashes is simple, quick and flexible. It can be easily worn by people without professional training. Strip eyelashes are usually held together with glue.
Magnetic eyelashes.
It is mainly by small magnetic block to make eyelash bonding.

Ⅵ. Why choose us?

1 We have our own factory and designer.

We have our senior designer Sabrina, who graduated from the top university of Applied Design in China and enjoys a high reputation in the fashion industry with her exquisite design ability. In order to design the best eyelashes in all  Wholesale Eyelashes Vendors, every year she goes to different countries for further study to seek design inspiration and absorb all kinds of fashion elements, so she has been walking in the forefront of fashion. Keep learning, and then one can optimize the market. We are committed to creating high-end luxury Wholesale Mink Eyelashes. Choose us, and you will have the most fashionable design style. In addition, she also observes the elements in nature, so our inspirations of eyelash are part from beautiful flowers and other from the face and eye of Westerner. We believe that only by fully understanding the Western aesthetics can one design the  eyelashes that suit them most, especially women. Our design meets the requirements of ergonomics, we are sure you wear a beautiful, comfortable, natural and light eyelashes. Welcome to order our Mink Eyelashes Wholesale !

2 We have unique technology and process.

In the process of producing mink eyelashes, we have always been strict temperature control, which achieves sterilization. Unlike most eyelash sellers who use chemicals to create tridimensional effects, our lashes are healthy and non-toxic, and we guarantee they do not contain any drug residue.
wholesale holographic eyelash scissors

3 Our teams provide professional service.

We have seven professional teams to make high quality Mink Lashes Wholesale, including design team, production team, professional designer team, after-sale team, business team, logistics team and IT team.

4 Our mink eyelashes wholesale are cruelty-free.

We are different from other mink lashes wholesale suppliers who supply low-quality lashes and do not use mink fur as the raw material. We protect every animal and guarantee that we won’t hurt them. So trust us and we will supply you the best Mink Lashes Wholesale.

Ⅷ. What is your MOQ of Mink Lashes Wholesale?

We are different from other wholesale mink lashes vendors who have the MOQ. Eyelashes Factories have no MOQ limit. You can make an order of any quantity, and we will send you as soon as possible.

Hope we have a happy corporation!

What about Mink Lashes vendors?

I. What is Mink Lashes?

Mink Lashes in Mink Lashes vendor are a very important style of lashes in the market, and more and more girls would like to start with their business line with Mink Lashes.

A. All of our Mink Lashes are made of 100% mink furs and purely hand-made.

B. The furs are from the end of the tails of the young minks which are long, sturdy, light and glossy.

C. The texture of mink furs are fluffy,soft and tough.

D. The wearing effect is clear and vivid. It is integrated with people’s eyes.

We take furs in the changeover period between spring and autumn by making use of combs, so the minks are safe. We will never gain benefits at the cost of injuring animals.

It is illegal to catch and kill wild animals in China and there are special laws to protect animals from being injured, for example, Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Protection of Wildlife. China pays much attention to ecological civilization construction and Environmental protection is growing in the consciousness of the Chinese people. And China is active in implementing the scientific outlook on development.

II. Why do Mink Lashes?

About this question, the answer is as plain as the nose on your face, just because it’s the best material to make lashes until now. So, in the next time, let’s have a concrete introduction.

A. The characteristics of Mink Lashes

  1. Soft and fluffy
  2. Glossy
  3. Sturdy
  4. Reusable

B. The difference between Mink Lashes and general lashes

  1. Mink lashes are more cost-effective than general lashes because their price is reasonable and their quality is high at the same time, which outdistance the practicability of general lashes.
  2. In modern life, more and more people pursue beautiful things, and the appearance of Mink Lashes exactly accord to their requirements, so the market of Mink Lashes Wholesale is very large, which is beneficial to the development of Mink Lashes Suppliers and the people who are prepared to carry out their business lashes.

III. How to make Mink Lashes?

1: Taking furs of Mink Lashes vendor

We take furs in the changeover period between spring and autumn by making use of combs and our workers who are responsible to this process are experienced and skilled, so you needn’t worry about that the minks will be injured.

2: Choosing furs in Mink Lashes vendor

All the furs what we have chosen are of high quality and we will pick the

inferior furs out and then deal with them intensively for avoiding pollute environment.

3: Handmade process in Mink Lashes vendor

Our lashes are made purely by hand. Our workers who are responsible to this process are called civil artists, because this is a very complicated techniques, which not only needs specialized skills, but also needs patience and carefulness. Although the civil artists make up to 12 pairs, the finalized products are high-quality.

4: High temperature shape

In this process, we will use specialized machines and our products are shaped by high temperature, a physical method.

Advantages: sterilize, no potion residue

Our products are natural,green and healthy. Other products often use chemicals to shape, which is not only quick and convenient, but also shorten production cycle and save costs. But, there are also a lot disadvantages, for example,there will be potion residue and an unpleasant smell. In serious cases, this can lead to eyes diseases and even lose sights. So, it’s very important and useful to use physical method in this process to protect our eyes. Sometimes, some products might be damaged when the temperature is not appropriate. So, this process is also very critical.

IV. How many lashes styles do Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes have?

Generally speaking, we can divide the lashes into the following several types according to different classification method.

A.In terms of length:

13-18mm (natural), 20mm(dramatic) , 25mm(long dramatic)

B. In terms of texture:

mink furs, chemical fiber,human hair,horse hair,syntectic hair

C. Makeup preference:

natural , dramatic

D. Colors:

1. Natural black

This color can be consistent with the eyelashes color of human beings and is integrated with the human eyes.

2.Colorful eyelashes

They are made by making use of various stains, which can show human individuality fully and integrate with people’s eyes.

E.Connecting material:


quick, simple, flexible,wear easily  strip mink lashes


It means that connect eyelashes with skins by using tiny magnetic block.

Shortcomings: This connecting method will increase the weight of eyelashes and cause the eyes fatigue.

Use condition: This connecting method can be used for natural styles, not for long styles, because magnetic force is not enough and easy to fall off.

V.How to use lashes in different occasions?

A.Lashes use for Office:

Natural styles are used more often,which reflects a kind of concise style and makes woman more charming.

B. Lashes use for Wedding:

You can choose natural styles, which make you look natural and beautiful or dramatic styles, which make you look passionate and unrestrained. In a word,  these two styles  reflect the happy and joyful mood of bride.

C. Party/Festival:

Long styles is the first choice. Colorful eyelashes is also a good choice.

D. Stages:

Makeup artistswill choose the appropriate colors according to the themes of stages to create professionally aesthetic effect.


Natural styles is the best choice. The followings are the reasons:

1.Light, wear comfortable

2.Keep your sight line clear to view beautiful scenery and retain your makeup

3. Long-term wear will not increase your eyes fatigue.

VI. What is Minimum Order Quantity of Mink Lashes?

No MOQ limited. It’s fully up to you. No matter how much you buy, we will give you the most considerate and sincere services.

VII. How to play sample order?

We can provide three pairs of samples freely if you have needs. The next content is concrete steps and hope that you can use our lashes samples happily.

1:Choose the style you like

2 Contact us and Leave quantity of each style(no more than 3 pairs)

3 Leave the receiving address including the contact person and contact TEL No.s

4 Our packing department will recheck the quality and quantity, and ship out used the express company we confirmed.

5 A tracking order will keep you posted once finished. Keep an eye on it, please. Never ask the express company to put the goods outside to avoid missing.

VIII. How long can Mink Lashes be used?

It can be used more than 25 times under normal conditions. Although the quality of eyelashes is high, but you need to make efforts to save lashes. For example, you’d better clear the Mink Lashes regularly by making use of eyelash washing machine, which can be bought in our company. And you need to be careful when you take the lashes out from boxes or put back the lashes.

IX.What about the price of Mink Lashes?

Our company is mainly committed to the wholesale of mink lashes and we have our own lashes factories. If you want to buy lashes in bulk, choosing us is your best choice. The followings are the reasons.

Firstly,our products are high-quality. Secondly, we can give you the most favorable price related to other Mink Lashes Vendors, because all our products are factory outlet, so no middleman pocket the difference. Thirdly, we are willing to give your some advice if you want to know how to start your own lash line.