4 key points you should know about cluster eyelash extensions

Cluster Eyelash Extensions performs an critical component in the attention beauty enterprise, they belong to the Cluster Lashes, and Lash Extension, many salons love them because it is easy to fill quite a few space out the clusters, with a view to save a lot of time and electricity.

cluester eyelash extensions

cluester eyelash extensions

Where to shop for cluster eyelash extensions

When you have your own salons and lash stores, you ought to discover find a Cluster Eyelash Extensions manufacturing facility to get a competitive wholesale price.

In reality, maximum of the cluster eyelashes extensions providers comes from Qingdao, China, that is the hometown of the lashes, if you want to find your satisfactory Lash carriers, you must choose the real lashes manufacturing unit you need to choose the unique manufacturer, so that you can get an excessive amount of profits from the lashes business and get the low price.

Natural lash extension

Natural lash extension

Who do cluster eyelash extension near me?

Emma Lashes is one of the quality cluster eyelash extension seller who consciousness on the sector marketplace, you may get the lashes within four days if you order the lashes in stock.

All the cluster eyelash extension you order, we are able to do fascinated by you, specific length, one of a kind curl, and distinct diameter will do custom lashes consistent with your order.

cluster eyelash extension

cluster eyelash extension

What are cluster eyelash extensions?

Cluster eyelash extensions is one form of the lash extension, just like the character lashes, however with sever man or woman lashes in a package, in order that fill the gap more fast than the person lashes. With a purpose to keep time and energy to complete the system.


That is the basic ideas that we layout and produce the cluster lashes, in case you pick the individual Lash Extension so one can takes one to 2 hour to finish the work, but in case you pick out the Cluster Eyelash Extensions, so one can most effective takes half-hour to finish the paintings.

Cluster eyelashes extensions

Cluster eyelashes extensions

Extensively, you could also try this with semi-permanent glue by way of your self at home.

This is any other cause why so many lashes commercial enterprise owner buy this fashion lashes.

If you need to sell your lashes business with those Cluster Eyelash Extensions, please depart remarks beneath, we will come up with a competitive wholesale fee.

Which fabric must you pick out?

There are two primary cloth within the marketplace:

First, Mink cluster eyelash extensions

Mink cluster eyelash extensions are product of the mink fur, comes from the young mink, suitable, robust, and soft, but a touch bit more highly-priced than the other fabric.

2d, synthetic cluster eyelash extensions

Artificial cluster eyelash extensions are manufactured from the synthetic plastic and fiber, they may be smooth and the maximum popular material inside the market.

cluster lashes

cluster lashes

Beside, they are lots inexpensive than the mink fur. They belongs to the cheap Lashes.

There are huge possibility in the lash business marketplace. When you have your very own lashes business and lash salon, by no means omit this fabric.

Greater facts approximately the cluster lashes and fee, please experience loose touch us through WhatsApp, we will come up with a good wholesale price.

Where to buy Biodegradable lashes?

Emma Lashes is a professional Biodegradable Lashes Vendor, we supply the best lashes to the market, if you want to buy Eco-Friendly Lashes, we will send all the lashes catalog to you. Today, we will share all the information to you to help you know the Biodegradable Lashes.
Biodegradable lashes
Biodegradable lashes

What is biodegradable lashes?

The Biodegradable lashes is made of the fiber of the plant, so we can also called them Eco-friendly Lashes. No toxicity and own biological degradability. Be nonhazardous and friendly to the skin of eye and environment. More information about the material of the biodegradable lashes, please contact us by WhatsApp, we will send the MSDS to you, you will get all the data and sheets from the survey report.
Biodegradable lash
Biodegradable lash

Price of the Biodegradable Lashes

The biodegradable lashes is made of the fiber the the plant, so the price is much more cheaper than the real mink lashes, they are soft, and comfortable, cost from 1 USD to 2 USD according to your order. The more the cheaper.

Feature of the biodegradable lashes

There are six main features that the biodegradable lashes have, and also these are the six main reasons why more and more girls and ladies would love to choose the Biodegradable Eyelashes.

First, Eco-friendly

The main material is the fiber of the plant, belongs to the biodegradable materials, can be easy degraded in about 45 days to 60 days.

Second, easy to apply and comfortable feeling

They belongs to the Strip Lashes, girls can easily apply on them at home with an applicator in the front of the mirror.

Third, Reusable

They can reuse more than 4 times with right and gentle ways, so that will be too much cheaper each time.

Fourth, Much more cheaper than mink lashes

The plant fiber is much more cheaper than the real mink, so the biodegradable lashes is too much cheaper than the mink lashes. At the same time, you can make an professional eye make-up with biodegradable plant fiber material.

Fifth, too many style to choose

There are too many styles in the market for you too choose, girls can choose the one they like best from the catalog, if you want to get the whole catalog, please leave comments below, and we will send all the style to you, so you can choose the right one you love.

Sixth, easy to make an attractive look

All you need is just attractive biodegradable lashes and lashes glue, it is very easy to apply on and make an attractive eye makeup.
Biodegradable eyelashes
Biodegradable eyelashes

How to produce biodegradable eyelashes?

Extract fiber from plants

Eco-Friendly False Lashes’ composition is above 91.8% plant fiber. By working with chemists, we extract fiber from plants. which is strong, soft, and comfortable. And it was made into the material of lashes. After more than 12 processes, it was made into lashes raw material. And then we made the Biodegradable strip lashes with the those raw material.

Protect environment

It will continue to adhere to the ecological concept of sustainable development, such as plant fiber renewable, direct contact with the skin without harm, and natural degradation. Its appearance does not look different from other material lashes, but its band is thinner and softer than the others. It’s much more easier to decompose than PBT lashes in the soil. It couldn’t hurt the environment when decomposing. If you want to order the Best Biodegradable Lashes, please contact us by WhatsApp, we will send the whole lashes catalog to you, and just choose the style you like and how many do you want to order, we will give you a competitive wholesale price.

Where to buy Biodegradable lash tray?

An increasing number of girls would like to choose Biodegradable Lashes with Biodegradable Lash Tray.

The biodegradable lash tray is likewise known as eco-friendly Lash Tray,

they’re recyclable, reusable and degradable in 45 days.

biodegradable lash tray

biodegradable lash tray

Biodegradable lash tray is made by means of sugarcane bagasse, belongs to the molded paper pulp, a unique craft in the paper industry.

We are able to produce your personal label on the floor of the tray.


Why select biodegradable lashes trays?

Biodegradable Lash Tray is made from bagasse, help lessen the wastage of substances after sugarcane harvest.

They are also completely compostable and take approximately three-6 months to decompose that’s comparable to palm and bamboo merchandise.

Pulping bagasse is also extra efficient and eco-friendly to the planet than creating a plastic lashes trays.

That is the key factor why such a lot of environmentalists love them.


In case you want to reserve them collectively along with your lashes and packaging, please permit me know by way of WhatsApp, will give you a great price.

biodegradable lashes tray

biodegradable lashes tray

Who deliver biodegradable lashes trays?

Emma Lashes is one of the first-class Biodegradable Lash Tray dealer, we are a Lash Tray manufacturer specialized in Biodegradable Lash Tray.

We helped such a lot of ordinary clients sell their Lash business,

and is you want to sell your lashes commercial enterprise and construct your personal lashes brand,

please feel unfastened touch us, we let you build your lash logo with private label and custom packaging.


On the equal time, irrespective of you’re our normal clients or more moderen on this lash enterprise,

we will come up with a competitive wholesale rate and occasional MOQ.

However the biodegradable lashes tray is a bit bit greater luxurious than the plastic one.

Except, they’re little bit greater heavier than the plastic one, so the shipping price will price a little bit more luxurious than everyday plastic one.


How tons do biodegradable lash trays price?

A few Lash seller bought them with $0.5 every one, in reality, they do price a bit bit extra, but in case you order from Emma Lashes,

so that it will be $zero.2 to $zero.Three if you order underneath 200 desktops, and in case you order extra than three hundred computers,

to be able to be too much cheaper, the greater you order, the cheaper might be.

If you want to get the precise cheap wholesale rate, you could upload our WhatsApp,

will come up with an precise cheap wholesale charge.

biodegradable lash trays

biodegradable lash trays

How many colors green lash tray do you have got?

Well, any colour will do in fact, however we handiest have white colour in stock, and if you need to do custom coloration,

the MOQ is 10000 computers, and a good way to take 15 business days.


In reality, maximum of the lashes are natural black, and the white tray may be the satisfactory one.

Besides, we will try our high-quality that will help you layout and produce an excellent shade for you.

Our design team and salesman team will create beautiful and atmospheric, low-cost answers for you.


More statistics about your promotions and sales answers please sense free touch us, we’re professional in lashes industry.

We can strive our first-class that will help you.