Do you really know strip lashes?

If you have a Strip Lashes Salon and need purchase first-class Strip Lashes, you have to find a correct Strip Lashes seller,

and these days Emma Lashes will display you all the key data you need to understand approximately the Strip Lashes.

Regardless of your are our normal client or newer, will assist you are making a right order at an excellent rate.

How many style strip lashes within the market?

There are fundamental seven kind strip lashes in the marketplace, and will show you separately, want you are making a super order, and select the only you want.


First, Strip lashes extensions

Strip lashes extensions is the strip lashes that like extensions, you may also known as them Russian Strip Lashes.

They are the mixture kind of the strip lashes and lash extension, when you have no time to go to the lash bar to do lash extension,

then the strip lashes extension may be a great choice.

You and your purchaser can practice them by way of themselves at home if they could practice the strip lashes, easily and convenient.


2d, Mink Strip Lashes

Mink Strip Lashes is product of the actual Siberian Mink Fur, that is fluffy, fabulous, and splendid, they belong to the posh Lashes,

the high-quality cloth inside the market, they are able to dissipate to 25+ times if you pick out the high quality.

If you have your own Lashes business, you can’t omit these luxury Lashes. They’re a little bit extra steeply-priced than the alternative substances.


Third, Hybrid Strip Lashes

Hybrid strip lashes is manufactured from the synthetic fiber or plastic substances, they’re very soft and secure.

On the same time, they may be a lot inexpensive than the actual mink fur.

That is the primary product within the market, most girls would like to pick out the Hybrid strip lashes, not best because they’re gentle, but also reasonably-priced.


Fourth, backside strip lashes

Bottom strip lashes are special for the bottom natural lash, they’re short, they may be now not the popular product, because most ladies could now not like to strive.

However we do produce the lowest strip lashes, if you want to order, please contact us with the aid of WhatsApp, we will ship the catalog to you, you may pick out the only you like.

All the lashes are in stock, we will deliver to you within 24 Hours.

5th, Magnetic strip lashes

Magnetic strip lashes belong to the strip lashes, and that they have magnets to attach at the natural lash.

You ought to use the magnetic lashes glue, in case you want to shop for the reasonably-priced wholesale magnetic lashes glue,

please contact us through WhatsApp, will provide you with a good wholesale fee.

Sixth, natural strip lashes

If you love herbal lashes, you can attempt natural strip lashes, they’re short with natural appearance.

The period of the lashes varies from 5mm to 18mm, so we also can called them short lashes or quick natural lashes.


7th, man or woman Strip Lashes

People lashes belong to the cluster lashes, and additionally belong to the strip lashes.

Those lashes comes from a technique that a few artists would love to apply the strip lashes with numerous element

and cut them to four to 6 component and practice on them one after the other.

Some a bit bit like the lash extension, they apply at the people lashes with the manner.

In case you love individuals strip lashes, please go away remarks beneath, will ship our catalog to you.


In which to shop for reasonably-priced wholesale strip lashes?

All of the precise wholesale lashes dealer comes from China, in case you want to shop for the terrific strip lashes at an excellent wholesale fee,

make sure pick out a China Lashes dealer.

Because China is the birthplace of the lashes due to the fact that Qing Dynasty. We use them at the degree of the Beijing Opera.

They very own key method inside the lashes enterprise, so in case you want to shop for the reasonably-priced wholesale strip lashes,

we advocate China lashes manufacturing unit.

One greater thing, all of the orders begin with samples, most of the seller deliver free sample to you to the marketplace and first-rate.

Do no longer make the majority orders at the primary time.

How a good deal do strip lashes cost?

Charge of the mink strip lashes

Typically the mink strip lashes is the maximum highly-priced one, fee from 1.5 USD to 5 USD in step with the amount and style, the more the inexpensive.


Price of Hybrid strip lashes

This material is tons cheap than mink fur strip lashes, price from 1 USD to two USD in step with your style and amount.

In case you do custom lashes packaging, you can get an excellent wholesale price.

mink strip lashes

mink strip lashes

Rate of the magnetic strip lashes

Usually the magnetic lashes is fabricated from fiber or plastic substances, and the rate varies from the amount of the magnets.

Some magnetic strip lashes incorporate 6 magnets, and the exceptional one contain 12 magnets.


If you purchase reasonably-priced one, incorporate 6 magnets, so that it will be 1 USD to 1.5 USD,

and if you want to buy the fine one incorporate 12 magnets, to be able to be 2.Five USD to 3.

Five USD every pair. The more you order, the cheaper it is going to be.


Greater problems approximately wholesale strip lashes please go away feedback below, and you may touch us by using WhatsApp,

we will assist you solve all you met for your lashes commercial enterprise.

On the equal time, in case you order lashes from Emma Lashes, we are able to come up with a very good wholesale rate.