Top 3 Lashes Manufacturer in the world

Today we will discuss all the issues you matter about the Lashes Manufacturer in your lashes business process. No matter your are lashes salon owner or lashes chain stores business owner, we will share all the essential news and information you should know.

First, Why more and more lash business owner choose China Lashes Manufacturer?

As we know, China is the birthplace of the the lashes, there are too many Lashes Factory in China, which have rich produce experience and sophisticated equipment.

Such as the Lilly Lashes Manufacturer, Koko Lashes Manufacturer, Huda Beauty Lashes manufacturer, Red Cherry Lashes Manufacturer, House Of Lashes Manufacturer, their Lashes Manufacturer are all comes from China.

If you want to do unique lashes or the best luxury lashes, you should choose the China lashes manufacturer.

They can not only produce the Best strip lashes, such as mink lashes, faux mink lashes, silk lashes, fiber lashes, and kinds of the strip lashes made of different materials. but also the Lash Extension such as the Classic Lash Extension, cluster lashes, Premade Fan lashes, Easy Fan Lash Extension, and so on.

Second, Lashes packaging box manufacturer

Most of the lash factory can do lashes packaging for you to build your lashes brand, but most of the lashes supplier can only print your logo on the exist packaging, they print your lashes logo on the surface of the box directly.

If you find a good wholesale lashes manufacturer, they will collect all your ideas about your lashes packaging, such as the color, material, shape, pattern, information, and so on, they will design for you step by step according to your order.

So if you want to build your own lashes brand, and promote your lashes business with custom lashes packaging, you should find the professional lashes manufacturer such as Emma Lashes, we can design custom lashes and packaging for you.

Because we have our own professional design team and production team, who can finish your production in time with enthusiasm and skillful tips.

Top 3 lashes vendors in the market

Here are 3 top identified lashes vendor in the market, not matter you are focus on the strip lashes or the lash extension, no matter you want to order the luxury mink lashes, or the faux mink lashes and other material, and if you want to do custom lashes, just supply a sketch, they will fulfill your production task perfectly.

First, Mink Lashes Vendor Emma Lashes

If you owned a lashes shop or lashes website, you may choose the luxury mink lashes or lash extensions, Emma Lashes can design and produce for you with high quality materials at a competitive wholesale price.

They have rich production experience and skilled workers who can do the lashes exactly according to your sketch.

All the custom orders, they will send sample to you to check the styles and quality, to make sure each pair of the lashes is the sample quality. No matter you make a small order or bulk orders, all of the lashes are the same quality. Which is very different that the other lash vendors.

Emma Lashes Factory Banner
Emma Lashes Factory Banner

Second, Lash Extension CK Lashes

CK Lashes is a professional Private Label Lashes Supplier, all kinds of the products, such as classic lash extensions, premade fan lashes, cluster lashes, any length, any color, any curl will do for you.

Especially if you want to buy Cheap Wholesale Lash Extension, CK Lashes will give you a good wholesale price.

CK Lashes have more than 200 employees, 8 professional designers team, they have no MOQ limit, no matter you make a small sample order or bulk order, they can ship to you ASAP.

CK Lashes
CK Lashes

Third, false mink lashes manufacturer Sisley Lashes

Sisley Lashes is a professional faux lashes USA vendor, if your lash shop is based in the USA, you can order from them, they can ship to you within 24Hours, all the faux lashes is in stock, besides, their lashes are not only beautiful, but also cheap.

Sisley Lashes
Sisley Lashes

They would be the first choice if you order bulk order, you will have too much profits from the lashes business, they can also do the custom lashes packaging for you to help you build your lashes brand. The more the cheaper.

Because they have their own Lashes Factory and Packaging Factory, most of the lashes company buy cheap wholesale lashes and packaging from Sisley Lashes Factory, They have more than 200 employees and more than 50 skills workers, who can design and print the exact color for you.

As we know, most of the lashes packaging factory can’t print the exact color you see from the PC or phone, because they have different color system. But if you have skills workers, they will match the RGB mode very well.

More professional skills about your lashes and packaging, please feel free contact us by WhatsApp. We are available at any time, we supply 24 Hour service.