False Lashes. When you choose the suitable eyelashes among various false lashes styles, maybe sometimes you are a little confused. And you have no idea about how to choose the best False Lashes that fit you most.

Because there are millions of Wholesale False Lashes in the market. Therefore, how to get your favorite and suitable False Mink Lashes?

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mink eyelashes vendor

Don’t worry! Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes will help you solve this issue. We are professional Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendor who can try our best to assist you.

And with our sincere ideas and suggestions, you will know the basic classifications of False Eyelashes.

Wholesale Messy Mink Lashes
Wholesale Messy Mink Lashes

1.Volume of False Lashes

You can imagine it as a opened folding fan. As we all know, the wider the fan opens, the greater the angle shows.

Similarly, the greater volume of lashes, the greater the angle.

Big volume is one of the reasons that False Eyelashes can enlarge eyes. That is to say, it can fully show your charm and beauty.

2.Shape of False Mink Lashes

The shapes of false eyelashes are mainly round and flare.

The length of each bundle of round eyelashes is almost the same, which makes it look like a folding fan. Great round eyelashes can make the eyes look bigger and more energetic.

best mink eyelashes
best mink eyelashes

The front end of the flare eyelashes is short, and the end is long, which makes it look like a wing. Great flare eyelashes can visually lengthen the end of the eye, make the eyes look more charming and attractive.

The above is the rough classification of the shape of False Eyelashes.

In the followings texts, we will tell you the detailed classification of False Lashes effects and how to choose the suitable beautiful eyelashes for different eye shapes.

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eyelash glue eyeliner pen

Having knowing about the volume and shape of false eyelashes, you have already understood the rough classification of eyelashes.

What are the detailed classifications of eyelash effects?

The professional makeup artist from Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes will tell you how to choose suitable eyelashes according to eyelashes effect.

Lite lashes is light and thin, it’s suitable for daily wear and light makeup. This delicate false lashes looks very natural, as if your eyelashes are so beautiful by nature.

Wispy lashes consists of several eyelashes bunch, making the eyes look shining like flame of the sun. When blinking, wispy lashes make you look like goddesses in comics.

Different from lite lashes, bold lashes look thick. If you have large eyes or drew bold makeup, this kind of eyelashes will make your eyes more charming and sexy.

scintillating holographic square eyelash boxes
scintillating holographic square eyelash boxes

This kind of eyelashes is consist of a lot of messy hairs. It looks like that you are doing a fluffy spa for your lashes. Not very natural, but it is very suitable for stage performances, party, club, or taking pictures.

The length of all parts of this kind of eyelashes is almost same. Unlike some False Lashes that only lengthen at the end of the eye and only emphasize the end of the eye. Full body eyelashes will visually enlarge the entire eye. At the same time, it can make your eyes look as beautiful as Barbie doll.

Natural Fluffy usually is small and short fluffy lashes. It just only a little fluffy, not too dramatic, making your eyes look like the appearance with a lot of natural curled lashes.

If you want to have natural fluffy/casual eyelashes in daily life, we highly recommend you to try this kind of lashes.

Through the previous introduction, we introduced the eyelashes shape classification and different effects of False Eyelashes.

wholesale purple eyelash applicators
wholesale purple eyelash applicators

How to choose the right eyelashes for different people?

Let’s talk about different eye shapes and the most suitable eyelashes.

First of all, you can choose any eyelashes you like for any eye shape. This article only discusses the best choice for eye shape characteristics.

Small eyes have shorter eyes and smaller clefts, making them look delicate and exquisite. Therefore, small eyes are usually suitable for natural makeup and lite and short eyelashes.

Too long and thick Wholesale Mink Eyelashes may block the line of sight and make eye makeup look too drama.

Big eyes have longer eyes and larger clefts, besides natural eye makeup, especially suitable for heavy eye makeup, which will make big eyes look more attractive.

So long and thick dramatic Mink Lashes are more suitable for large eyes.

Round eyes look very kind and friendly. The characteristic of round eyes is that the head and tail of the eye are basically at the same horizontal line.

wholesale cheap 3d mink eyelashes DJ54
wholesale cheap 3D mink eyelashes

And the outline of the upper eyelid is a soft meniscus. It is better to choose round eyelashes when making up, because it emphasizes the middle part of the eyes, which will highlight the characteristics of round eyes.

Almond eyes are narrower and longer than round eyes and are shaped like water droplets or almonds. Almond eyes usually have a slight rise at the end of the eye and can be pure or sexy.

This eye usually works with any shape of false eyelash. But if you want to highlight a glamorous effect, glitter eyelashes are a better choice. Because the design of the wings accentuates the beauty of the raised tail.

lashes packagings from reliable vendors
lashes packagings from reliable vendors

People with deep eyes have high brow bones, deep sunken eye sockets, and a very three-dimensional and delicate face.

However, because of the defined brow bone, it can sometimes look like you have smaller eyes and make your under eye area look darker.

Therefore, deep eyes are especially suitable for long, thick or fluffy lashes. Bold eyelashes will emphasize the three-dimensional effect of the brow bone and enlarge the eyes very well.