1.Do you really know about the lash book set?

Do you really get a full knowledge of the lash book set? What this means is a box that can hold several pairs of eyelashes or tools. As we can see, eyelashes don’t just fit in their individual boxes.


One set can hold many pairs of eyelashes and their eyelash tools. These Lash Book Sets are also very popular, especially with customers who are in great demand for lashes.


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mink lashes wholesaler

mink lashes wholesaler

2.Where to buy Good Lash Book?

An eyelash box is an effective way to help improve the look of your Mink Eyelashes. If you want to find the most trustworthy mascara box supplier, you need to find a reliable mascara supplier.


Then please find a good Eyelash Vendor in Qingdao, China. They are sure to help you customize the perfect mascara box. Because every eyelash supplier will help customers customize the


Eyelash Box according to the customer’s idea.

3.Who can supply the Great Lash Book?

You may not know this before, but please don’t miss this Eyelash Vendor in the future. Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes is a trustworthy Mink Lashes Vendors, professional Mink Lashes Vendor,


wholesale eyelash factory in china.  《Where to buy eyelash packaging?》


Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes is high-quality Eyelash Book Vendors and Wholesale 20MM Mink Lashes. It has won the trust and support of thousands of 3D Mink Lashes and 25mm Mink


Lashes Entrepreneur with fast delivery, quality products, and considerate after-sales service.


The company is currently located in Qingdao City, yes we all know Tsingtao Beer. It’s a beautiful city. The company has skilled technical management personnel and patient staff to serve


customers. We rely on the most real and efficient service to provide the best quality products and have won the appreciation of other 3D Faux Eyelash suppliers in society.

3D Minik Lashes bulk order

3D Minik Lashes bulk order

4.What we can do for you?

①High – quality, firm, personalized lashes

First, each pair of eyelashes produced by our company is very fluffy, which is due to the 3D effect created by our physical high-temperature technology.

Second, our eyelashes are very soft and very comfortable to wear because the 3D Mink Lashes Strips are made of cotton.

The third, eyelash looks very realistic.

Fourth, they are fascinating and amazing.

Fifth, they are deluxe and luxurious.

Sixth, we have our own unique team of designers.

Seventh, They are very easy to wear and suitable for personal makeup.

②Affordable eyelashes


We guarantee to provide customers with the best quality eyelash products, we will also give you the most satisfactory price. Cheap eyelashes are not necessarily a poor quality product. We are

;lashes books

;lashes books

willing to provide our customers with the best products at the most appropriate price.

Healthy, harmless lashes products

Our products are safer than those of other companies. After comparison, you can know that other companies use glue technology to create the 3D effect.


The 3-D effect of our lashes is achieved through temperature control. It is common sense that changes in physical properties are often healthier than changes in chemical properties.


led lashes packaging boxes

led lashes packaging boxes

5.Which methods of shipping do you want?

We cooperate with many express delivery companies. All our cooperation is based on international express shipping. We choose the best and most efficient international express company in the




For example, our most commonly used FedEx, TNT, DHL. In addition, we also and UPS and other express delivery companies transport cooperation. As for the delivery time, if you don’t have a


custom product, we will ship it within 24 hours.


Because the countries we choose are the best and most efficient, only in this way can we ensure the safe and efficient delivery of products to customers? We adopt the way of door-to-door delivery


so that buyers can receive the ordered eyelash products without leaving home.

eyelashes book

eyelashes book

But after so many years of experience, FedEx has the best service. Because they can deliver express packages in the shortest possible time. On the other hand, they can guarantee the security of


customers’ parcels, that is, they can ensure that the express can be delivered to customers safely to the greatest extent.

6.Can I get some samples?

I really consider that not Every Mink Lashes Vendor or we call them the Eyelashes Wholesaler. Not every Lash Supplier can provide the Free Lashes order! There are two main points


I have summarized.


First of all, some Mink Eyelashes Vendor can not offer High-Quality Mink Lashes or some Faux Mink Lashes. Accordingly, there is not the Good Lashes Wholesale they can provide


to all customers from all over the world. In a word, they won’t produce good and the Best Lashes Book and Lashes Wholesale.

mink eyelashes books

mink eyelashes books

Secondly, I just want to clarify that the second reason is not that they don’t have good quality products, but because they don’t want to give them to customers for free. Or some suppliers will give


you the Best Eyelashes or other products in the sample list. But in future regular orders, it will give you a cheaper alternative to them.


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