If you have read our article, you will know that “mink eyelashes” have been a topic of much discussion in our previous posts. In our blog you can know where to find the best eyelash suppliers, you can find out the price of eyelash products on the market, what is 20MM Mink Eyelashes and what styles are available, etc.
3D mink eyelashes wholesale
3D mink eyelashes wholesale
But if you’re buying Mink Lashes In Bulk for the first time, you must have a number of concerns, including the question: Who makes the Hot Mink Lashes Wholesale? So firstly, let’s do a quick overview of Hot Mink Lashes and have a knowledge of which styles are the most popular. To know which styles are hot sellers, we need to know what styles are available in advance. The Hot Mink Lashes Wholesale are a kind of eyelashes made from mink fur. Mink fur is lustrous and soft, as well as very comfortable when people wearing it for the daily life or other occasions.
Wholesale Messy Mink Lashes
Wholesale Messy Mink Lashes

Hot Mink Lashes Wholesale of different materials

Mink lashes

Mink eyelashes always are the best sellers because it is soft. It is famous of its strong tenacity and for not being broken easily. Mink hair by virtue of its unique and irreplaceable advantages to win the love of the vast number of consumers.

Chemical fiber lashes

Synthetic eyelashes are also very common. The fiber lashes are always strong, but not as comfortable to the touch as mink hair. Its strength and toughness ensure that it can be used for a long time.

Horse hair lashe

Horse hair Lashes Wholesale refers to the hair on the neck of a horse. Horses run into the wind, which is similar to the way human eyelashes grow. But this kind of material forehead eyelash has a very hard disadvantage is hard texture.
hot lash packagings USA
hot lash packagings USA
Compared with the above two types of eyelashes, this one is more suitable for the performance of the show that requires stage effect.

Lashes made of human being’s hair

In addition to above a few kinds, there are eyelashes that made of human hair makes on the market. The beauty of human hair eyelashes is that they are very similar to human hair and are very easy to accept.

Hot Mink Lashes Wholesale of different lengths

13mm—18mm Wholesale Hot Mink Lashes   

This belongs to the relatively short eyelash, also called natural eyelash. 13mm– 18mm long eyelash belongs to relatively short. For this reason, it is more suitable for business situations or daily makeup.

20mm Hot Mink Lashes Wholesale    

20MM lashes are the most popular. This length of eyelash is suitable for a variety of relaxed and pleasant occasions. The lashes can make the wearer stand out. That’s why it’s also called the dramatic eyelash. The 20MM Mink Lashes are attractive, not too short to be noticed, but not too long to obscure the overall effect of the face look.

25mm Hot Mink Lashes Wholesale   

This length of eyelash is a relatively long eyelash. It can highlight a person’s personality very much and show the charm of women. Another name for it is long dramatic eyelashes. This Long Dramatic Eyelashes are also ideal for stage performers to highlight their facial features.
eyelash glue eyeliner pen
eyelash glue eyeliner pen

Lashes with different ways of attaching eyelashes

eyelash with glue

The most common one we used to is applying false eyelashes to the eyelids with glue as a binder. With the development of science and technology, the most popular lash on the market is eyeliner glue. This is an eyelash tool that combines eyeliner and glue.

magnetic eyelash

Magnetic eyelashes refer to eyelash bands that have several small magnets that help eyelashes adhere to the eyelid. Because of the weight of the magnet itself, magnetic hair cannot support longer eyelashes. But there is no denying that magnetic hair is the most convenient and fast to wear.
best whoselase mink lashes
best whoselase mink lashes

Suitable for different occasions of eyelashes

①Bussiness Mink Lashes

②Wedding eyelashes

③Lashes for party

④Stage lashes

⑤Travel lashes

⑥Dating eyelash

 ⑦Campus eyelash

 ⑧Picnic lashes

Who is a reliable Mink Lashes Vendor ?

Our sales concept is to make green products that will not smell or irritate the eyes during the wearing process. Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes brings you a healthier and softer experience, and each pair of eyelashes has its own name and soul in the production process. You can choose the style you wear every day according to your preferences. Other eyelashes: thick, uncomfortable, even look fake, have no feeling, wear for a long time is not good for the eyes, it is difficult to wear makeup. The lashes from Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes are lightweight, natural, compact, easy to wear and easy to carry. After years of processing experience, it makes your makeup exquisite, easy to wear, and can be brought to daily life. We also provide Custom Eyelash Packaging Box, Eyelash Case with private label, Mink Eyelash Glues, Mink Lash Scissors, and Mink Lash Brushes. Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes offers the highest quality Mink eyelashes in the industry, all of our eyelashes are 100% mink fur, and 100% handmade. We export our lashes to Europe, U.S.A, Australia, Canada, Mexico, and Mid East, etc.

How to make an order?

You can contact us to find the product catalog. Or you can expatiate the style you like on our product home page. You just need to tell us which style you love. We can arrange the goods for you only after the confirmation. If you want to customize the Mink Lashes Packagings, you should also tell us the brand name, color, pattern and other information.
3d minkl lashes vendor
3d minkl lashes vendor

Our working principle is: positive, enthusiastic, careful, patient, sincere reception visiting customers.

In answer to customers’ questions: we will be pragmatic and realistic, pay attention to efficiency, ensure quality. Our company has been committed to the production of high quality Luxury Mink Eyelashes. If you are looking for very Cheap Mink Eyelash products, then you may want to consider other cheap but not guaranteed eyelash products.

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