How to choose suitable Wholesale Eyelashes?

In our previous article, we introduced the style classification of Cheap Wholesale Eyelashes and which kind of eyelashes are suitable for different occasions. The next question is also very important for choosing the right eyelashes. How do different people choose their own Luxury Eyelashes? Let’s talk about different eye shapes and the most suitable eyelashes. You can choose any eyelash you like for any eye type, the article is for reference only.

If you have a pair of small eyes…

Small eyes have shorter eyes and smaller cracks, which make them look delicate and delicate.

Small eyes are usually suitable for Natural Mink Lashes makeup and thin short eyelashes.

Too long and thick eyelashes may obscure the line of sight and make eye makeup look too dramatic.

wholesale cheap 3d mink eyelashes DJ54
wholesale cheap 3d mink eyelashes DJ54

If you are born with big eyes…

Big eyes have longer eyes and larger cracks, in addition to natural eye makeup, especially suitable for heavy make-up eye makeup, which will make big eyes look more attractive.

So thick 25MM Mink Eyelashes are more suitable for big eyes.

wholesale mink eyelashes DJ96
wholesale mink eyelashes DJ96

If your eyes are round…

The round eyes look very kind and friendly.

The round eyes are characterized by the fact that the head and tail of the eyes are basically at the same level, and the outline of the upper eyelid is a soft meniscus.

When making up, it is best to choose round eyelashes, because it emphasizes the middle of the eyes and will highlight the characteristics of round eyes.

mink eyelashes vendorDJ111
Mink Eyelashes Vendor DJ111

If you have a pair of almond eyes…

The eyes of almonds are narrower and longer than round eyes and are shaped like water droplets or almonds.

The almond eye usually has a slight bulge at the end of the eye, which can be pure or sexy.

This kind of eye is usually suitable for eyelashes of any shape.

But if you want to highlight the charming effect, flashing eyelashes are a better choice, because the design of the wings emphasizes the beautiful protruding tail of the eyes.

3d minkllashes vendor DJ134
3d minkllashes vendor DJ134

About deep eyes…

Deep-eyed people have high eyebrow bones, deep hollow eye sockets, and a very three-dimensional and delicate face.

But because of the sharp outline of the brow bone, it sometimes looks like your eyes get smaller, making the underside of your eyes look darker.

For this reason, deep eyes are especially good for long, thick or fluffy lashes.

Bold lashes will accentuate the eyebrow bone and magnify the eyes.

wholesale 3d eyelashes DJ24
wholesale 3d eyelashes DJ24

Covered eyes…

Masked is a word that describes how when you open your eyes, the creases in your eyelids cover some of your eyelids, so that not all of them are visible.

The purpose of the blindfolded eyes is to raise the tail of the eyes and open them as much as possible.

Therefore, natural flashing lashes and upturned wings are the best choice.

3d minkllashes vendor DJ118
3d minkllashes vendor DJ118

Single eyelid…

Simple eyelid disease means that you don’t see wrinkles on your eyelids-which is common in some people.

Less eyelashes, natural amount of eyelashes, short eyelashes, make the eyes open.

Be sure to roll up your Wholesale Mink Lashes after makeup, which is the most important way to increase the height of your eyes.

wholesale mink lashes DJ88
wholesale mink lashes DJ88

Double eyelid.

The Double eyelids mean that you can see another layer of eyelids on your eyelids, which is a normal phenomenon for most people.

It is well known that double eyelids look bigger than single eyelids, so they are more attractive with 20MM Mink Eyelashes.

3D eyelashes supplier DJ151
3D eyelashes supplier DJ151

What can a perfect Lashes Wholesale Vendor offer?

Environmentally friendly:

Other eyelashes: when you use it many times, the eyelashes begin to break or fall off.

Asymmetry, this is a terrible thing.

Our eyelashes: we use advanced technology and environmentally friendly concepts, each pair can be used about 30 times.

Wholesale lashes packagings
Wholesale lashes packagings

They require labor and new skills, so they are more expensive than other mink eyelashes.

We are more environmentally friendly, pay attention to the air environment, and refuse to kill animals.

Our sales concept is to make green products that will not smell or irritate the eyes during the wearing process.

Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes brings you a healthier and softer experience, and each pair of eyelashes has its own name and soul in the production process.

You can choose the style you wear every day according to your preferences.

The feeling of wearing:

Other eyelashes: thick, uncomfortable, even look fake, have no feeling, wear for a long time is not good for the eyes, it is difficult to wear makeup.

Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes: is lightweight, natural, compact, easy to wear and easy to carry. After years of processing experience, it makes your makeup exquisite, easy to wear, and can be brought to daily life.

Unique Wholesale Eyelashes

Slender eyelashes

Thin eyelashes, suitable for daily wear and light makeup. This delicate False Eyelash looks natural, as if your eyelashes are naturally beautiful.

The slender eyelashes are made up of bundles of eyelashes that make the eyes look like the flames of the sun. In the blink of an eye, slender eyelashes will make you look like a goddess in a comic book.

Bold Luxury lashes

Unlike thin eyelashes, bold eyelashes look thick. If your eyes are big, or if you draw bold makeup, these eyelashes will make your eyes more attractive and sexy.

Fluttery Mink Eyelash

This kind of fluttery eyelash is made up of a lot of messy hair. Looks like a fluffy spa for your eyelashes. It’s not very natural, but it’s perfect for stage performances, parties, clubs or photos.

Full body lashes

The length of all parts of Full body eyelashes is almost same. Unlike some eyelashes that only lengthen at the end of the eye and only emphasize the end of the eye. Full body eyelashes will visually enlarge the entire eye, making your eyes look as beautiful as Barbie doll.

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