What is Wholesale Lash Vendors?

Suppliers are both rivals and partners in business negotiations. Wholesale Lash Vendors refer to enterprises and individuals that supply various resources needed by enterprises and their competitors, including raw materials, equipment, energy, labor, etc.

Eyelash vendors are those who specialize in producing and supplying eyelashes to buyers in bulk.

Wholesale Mink Eyelashes can make you rich and help you start an eyelash business.

wholesale 3D Mink Lashes vendor

wholesale 3D Mink Lashes vendor

Because our Mink Eyelashes are the Affordable Mink Eyelashes, everyone can buy and try our Mink Eyelashes.

If you Start Your Own Mink Eyelash Business, you’ll become the boss, and then you’ll get richer and richer, and your eyelash business will get better and better.

Mink eyelashes are the best in the world.We import mink fur from Siberia.Not all mink hair can be used as raw material.

We select carefully, throw away any damaged parts, and only use the most complete lashes to seek the best lashes.

white lashes packaging with window

white lashes packaging with window

Why choose us as your Wholesale Lash Vendors?

ABOUT OUR LASHES of Wholesale Lash Vendors

At Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes, we always deliver the Best Mink Eyelashes products and services to you. As both a Lashes Wholesaler as well as a major Eyelash Vendor, we now have three production bases where we produce Lashes Extensions , & custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes. Our production section covers various 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, and even 6D Eyelashes products. If that was not enough, Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes also provides auxiliary tools such as false eyelash glue, cleaner, magnetic eyeliner, tweezers, Eyelash washing machine and much more.

wholesale black eyelash curlers

wholesale black eyelash curlers

Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes focuses on quality just as much as quantity when it comes to our factories of Dramatic Eyelashes & eyelash accessories. With years of understanding this market, Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes knows about eyelash products and has been technically innovating the industry since arrival. We always try our best to follow customer demand, always trying to innovate to what customers want and need. All of this is done to prove quality service overall.

eyelashes vendor DJ143

eyelashes vendor DJ143


With shipments to the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and other regions. We send our products after being thoroughly tested for quality, which is often why people continue to be repeat customers for us.

best wholesale mink lashes DJW100

best wholesale mink lashes DJW100


At Lashes Factories, we use a terrific scientific management and service system, which uses advanced production equipment. Overall, that ensures the quality of all our services and products. All of our False Lashes are produced in a dust-free and sterile eyelash processing workshop. We even use ultraviolet sterilization to properly disinfect everything.


We use quality inspection that will strictly check the lashes to ensure they are top quality before leaving the shop.

best mink eyelashes DJ98

best mink eyelashes DJ98


Cultivate the eyelash industry deeply

Manage with heart and soul

Build an influential brand

From learning to transcending

cheap lashesDJ61

cheap lashesDJ61

You can always trust Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes as your reliable Eyelash Wholesale Vendor!

We are ready to serve you better!

Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes



What can we provide to you as Wholesale Lash Vendors?

Short-term criteria for selecting vendors include: suitable quality of goods, low price level, timely delivery and good overall service level.


A responsible Eyelash Supplier can often be of great help to customers.

Big lashes packagings

Big lashes packagings

First of all, they will introduce their products very detailed.

Second, we will describe in detail the eyelash production process, including their factory.

Third, in addition to providing eyelashes, good suppliers often also provide you with eyelash tools, eyelash boxes, etc.

Last but not least, our company will design the eyelash packing box for customers for free.

In a word , we can always offer more than Eyelash Wholesale USA.

Candy lashes packaging from mink lashes vendor

Candy lashes packaging from mink lashes vendor


If you buy any product from any other eyelash wholesaler, they will always tell you that their minimum order is 20, 30, 40 or more.

However, we will tell you that we do not have a minimum order for our lashes.

In other words, you can buy a pair of eyelashes at our house.

This shows our willingness to work with you, which I’m sure many other noble mink eyelash suppliers can’t do.

We want to reassure all our customers.

Of course, we can not only let you decide to buy the number of eyelashes.

You can also provide free samples of eyelashes.

Read on for more details.

eyelashes factories

eyelashes factories

How about eyelashes packaging of Wholesale Lash Vendors?

If you want to start a new lashes business ,you’d bettter to know how to design a professional eyelash packaging.

The contents of the Lashes Packaging Boxes can be divided into five parts (brand name, LOGO, color, slogan, social media information.)

When we get a package of lashes, we usually start by looking at the brand name on the package.

Through the brand name, consumers will have an impression on you and your eyelash business.

Second, LOGO. Professional LOGO makes consumers remember your brand through lines, colors and so on, enhancing the value of the brand.

custom eyelash packagings26

custom eyelash packagings26

The third point is the color of the box. The color of the box must match that of the LOGO, which requires careful design by the designer.

Fourth, the slogan. If the brand is the eye of the box, the slogan is the soul of it. To impress consumers with your brand, the slogan should be simple, interesting, insightful, and appealing.

Last but not least, social media information. Many Eyelash Boxes Vendors won’t alert you to this because of information disclosure.

Professionally, if you have already designed this information, we recommend adding it. Not only will you build your sales channel, but you’ll also get free advertising. Why not?

Whether the product is good or not, just look at the factory. We constantly invite customers to visit our factory, because only by understanding the entire industrial chain can you become a professional buyer.

Suppose you want to know more about Lashes Packaging, please go to the details on the home page.