You Are Losing Your Customer With 3D Mink Lashes Cheap

It’s easy to Start Your 3D Mink Lashes Business but not easy to do it well in the market. You should catch the fashion trend with sharp observation and update your lashes in a fixed period.

Here are several factors you should avoid to make good relationship with your custom.

Firstly,you should provide top product service.

You should speak to the customer with high quality 3d mink lashes ,otherwise,you will lose them thoroughly.


Secondly ,you should update your lashes style in a fixed period

Keep fresh keep new ,your 3d mink lashes business will keep young and will be loved by young.

Thirdly ,leave the cheap lashes alone.

Because they are destroy the stone of your business,you will pay too much attention for the after sale service,you should avoid the after sale cost.Even more ,your business line will be destroyed by the dangerous cheap lashes,if they do harm to your customer.

wholesale 3d mink lashes
wholesale 3d mink lashes vendors emma lashes

So you should not only to see the price when purchase lashes,you’d better chose a Competitive And Reliable Factory with reasonable price,and the Luxury 3D Mink Lashes would be your promotions specialist and you will don’t have to consider your after sale service.


At last ,good luck and you are lucky to be here,anything about the 3D Mink Lashes and custom packaging box welcome contact us WhatsApp:008613465813039.

3D MINK LASHES wholesale mink eyelashes vendor help you start your lashes business line with 25MM MINK EYELASH and 20MM MINK EYELASH

How To Find Lilly Lashes Vendor?

There are many Mink Lashes Vendor and Mink Stripe lashes vendor in the market, many said they were Lilly Lashes Vendor ,is that true?

May be not, in fact ,Lilly lashes have many suppliers in China.

wholesale 25mm mink 3d lashes vendors emma lashes manufacturer

her assistant is in China,focus on the market survey, so it’s hard to say weather one factory provide a sample that should be the Lilly Lashes vendor.

CK Lashes 

one of the biggest 25 MM Lashes Vendor and Strip Lashes Vendor,have been cooperated with Lilly Lashes for 3 years, our latest luxury 3d mink lashes are very popular in USA,

girls are all love them,and our Luxury 3D Mink Lashes update one week,so we reach a win-win point.

Because we are the top grade luxury 3d mink lashes vendor in China,we have many distributors in the world,and they open the market with our luxury 3d mink lashes ,and profit a lot in the local market.

If you are losing your customer or your lashes are not on sale

You should consider to change your lashes and vendor to update your lashes immediately.

Ladies love unique,men love freshness,you need the latest style lashes,we need innovation.

So if you want to find Lilly Lashes Vendor ,you should open the website,and compare with our catalog,you will get them easily,or just send us the picture,we will give you the exact style you send to us.

WHOLESALE 3D MINK LASHES vendor help you how to start your lashes business line with 25mm mink eyelashes and 20mm lashes manufacturer

How Much Does Your Custom Packaging Cost?

Hi,guys,today ,I would tell you more details about the Cost Of Custom Packaging since you have known the importance of the Custom Packaging and that will guide you how to order your own 3d mink lashes custom packaging business.


More technological process to make your lashes Custom Packaging Boxes be unique

I will tell you more technological process to make your lashes Custom Packaging Boxes be unique and different from others.

There are several kind of boxes are very popular in the world,and girls are all love them.

Glitter box.


The glitter box is made of carton box inside,and glitter paper outside.They are shining just like the star under the light. And the carton box is made by the machine, we called knife mold,and the carton box is cut down by the knife mold, and the glitter paper was putted on the surface of the box by hand.

Holographic box

Most girls say they love the holographic box,because the are very cool under the light and just like the rainbow on the box when the paper reflect the light. In fact ,they are attractive when customer open the box and the lashes are gorgeous in the holographic box.

3d mink lashes with custom packaging box
custom packaging

These two type boxes are distinguish by material,and we also can distinguish the box by the door of the box.

Magnetic box


The most popular is the magnetic box, the door is easy control by the magnet,also they can use the different band to tie on.


Many suppliers said their MOQ(minimum of quantity) is 100,and the cost of these box is 3.5usd to 2usd according to the quantity and you logo and slogan performance forms and size.


Low MOQ 30 and get the most favorable price

More information about the custom packaging boxes just feel free let us know,we will help you make low MOQ 30 and get the most favorable price. We will give you essential advise on your logo performance craft. Whatapp :0086 13465813039


How To Start Your Own Eyelash Business

wholesale-3d-mink-lashes-vendors-emma-lashes-help-you-start-your-lashes-business-line-with-our-25mm-20mm-18mm-mink-lashes Have you even wanted to Build Your Own Lashes Business Line? Do you want do your own brand custom packaging? So Emma Lashes would be the first choice for you to start your business! Only 5 steps!!

1st asking for our lashes catalog and choose the style you like

and each lashes have their number,just tell us the lashes number you order,and they you can make lashes order.and if you want produce your own style lashes just give us the sample we can do OEM and ODM service ,because Emma lashes is the wholesale 3d mink lashes vendor and wholesale 3d mink lashes manufacturer .

2nd choose the custom packaging .

You can choose free packaging ordinary box and custom packaging with private logo to build your own brand,so just feel free to contact our service to get the custom packaging case just tell us the custom packaging number you order,give us your private logo,we will provide the sample box photo to check the effect,if you have no logo ,you can apply for the free logo design service after the payment for the custom packaging .
mink eyelash factory
mink eyelash factory

3rd Tell us the quantity of the lashes and custom packaging you order

and we will give you the exact competitive wholesale price for the lashes and custom packaging and the shipping cost.

4th Process control we will provide each retailer about the process of the business

and provide 24H service to ensure the quantity of the lashes and custom packaging .

5th shipping time

We will ship the lashes within 24H unless bulk order ,and the minimum of quantity custom packaging is 30 pieces!!!MOQ 30 !!to build your own brand lashes business!!!
So if you want the best eyelash manufacturer and lashes manufacturer,you should choose Emma lashes with low MOQ and less money to start your own brand .just join us ,our 25 mm 3d mink lashes are very hot in USA,we do wholesale and retail business (MOQ=1)
so don’t miss the opportunity if you want to know more about the wholesale 3d mink lashes and custom packaging with your private label just contact us WhatsApp:008613465813039.