Who makes the Best Individual Lashes Mink?

What’s the meaning of the Individual Lashes Mink?

1.The definition of the Individual Lashes Mink:

If you’ve been following our articles, you’ll know that we’ve talked about  Individual Mink Lashes before. Of course, it does not mean that one person’s lashes in particular. Individual Lashes Mink, which means Eyelash Extensions to some extent, are the total number of lashes on a plate armor. These Lashes are usually arranged in neat rows.

2.Some differences about Individual Lashes Mink:

①The difference between these Individual Lashes Mink and the ordinary lashes we’ve talked about in the past is that they need to be worn a small piece by a small piece to form a complete lash.

②As you can see in the picture, the hair of numerous small parts can be spliced together eyelash extension. If you look in a short distance, you will see that they are all identical rows of lashes pieces.

③Although individual eyelashes mink need to be worn carefully, another advantage of them is that you can create your own style.

Free square lashes packagings
Free square lashes packagings

3.The characteristic of Individual Lashes Mink

Wholesale Individual Lashes Mink from Kissed Lashes are always win the high praise from customers. Mink products have been deeply loved by female friends.

Because of the nobility.

Where to seek a good Individual Lashes Mink Wholesaler?

There are various Eyelash Wholesalers all over the world. If you want to Start Your Lashes Business, you have to find a reliable and persuasive eyelash vendor. Therefore, we would like to provide every self-entrepreneur some sugestions about how to find the good Mink Lashes Strip Wholesaler.

1.Retrospect the source of Individual Lashes Mink.

①China is an ancient nation with a history of five thousand years.

There are a lot of weird things in the world invented by the Chinese. Smart Chinese people have been creating fresh but practical things before a long time ago.

3D eyelashes supplier DJ151
3D eyelashes supplier DJ151

    ②Artificial false eyelashes were first used in the Qing Dynasty in Chinese history.

For the first time, False Lashes Mink have been used in Chinese opera, in which performers who wear faux lashes appear more energetic.

    ③There is no doubt about it. The birthplace of handmade lashes is Beijing, China.

2.Seek the city accompanied with the largest eyelash production in the eyelashes’ original area.

    ①Qingdao has the largest lash production base in the country. Qingdao is the real hometown of faux mink eyelashes.

②Eighty percent of China’s eyelashes come from Qingdao. At the same time, it is no doubt that the mink eyelashes produced in Qingdao are favored by many foreign buyers.

3.Take full advantage of the Internet for Individual Lashes Mink.

With the rapid development of science and technology, you can choose from all the major network platforms, such as Google, Facebook, Youtube and so on. There are a variety of 3D Mink Eyelash Vendors available on various platforms.

If you want to find a reliable supplier for that long, read viewer reviews and listen to their recommendations. At present, the network has been popularized all over the world, the network has become the fastest way to spread information.

4.Be sure to choose a reputable mink lashes supplier that people recommend.

The eyelash career in Qingdao becomes top popularity, so the lashes with uneven quality appear on the market. Instead, there are some trusted factories that produce the best eyelashes.

This is an absolutely reliable eyelash company. Although it was established for a short time, but it has won the in complete agreement about praise of customers with its own high-quality products and exquisite technology and perfect after-sales service.

We only creates high-quality Cheap Luxury Eyelashes. If you are merely looking for cheap products, then you can buy that elsewhere.

The price of other manufacturers’ eyelashes may be lower than ours, but they must be of poor quality.

I’m sure the buyers in Qingdao are smart and they must realize that luxurious lashes are more appreciated.

5.Inform some experienced customers and read their reviews.

  Don’t underestimate the comments section.

5D Mink Lashes 5DM10
5D Mink Lashes 5DM10

Although it is always placed at the end of the page, it is no less important than the product details. The comments section will be filled with enthusiastic buyers sharing their buying experiences, which will be of great help to you.

What do we need to know about 3D Individual Lashes Mink?

1.The lashes can also be made of different materials.

①Mink lashes

Mink eyelashes are the best sellers. That is soft, but it’s strong and won’t break easily. Mink hair by virtue of its unique advantages to win the love of the vast number of consumers.

②Chemical fiber lashes

Synthetic eyelashes are also very common. The fiber lashes are always strong, but not as comfortable to the touch as mink hair.

③Horse hair lashes

Horse hair eyelash refers to the hair on the neck of a horse. Horses run into the wind, which is similar to the way human eyelashes grow. But this kind of material forehead eyelash has a very big disadvantage is hard texture.

④Lashes made of human being hair

In addition to above a few kinds, there are eyelashes that made of human hair makes on the market.
Wholesale lashes packagings
Wholesale lashes packagings

2.There are different lengths of false eyelashes.


This belongs to the relatively short eyelash, also called natural eyelash.


20MM lashes are the most popular. This length of eyelash is suitable for a variety of relaxed and pleasant occasions. The lashes can make the wearer stand out. That’s why it’s also called the dramatic eyelash.


This length of eyelash is a relatively long eyelash. It can highlight a person’s personality very much and show the charm of women. Another name for it is long dramatic eyelashes.

3.The way eyelashes adhere is also different.

①Glue eyelashes

The most common thing we used to do was apply false eyelashes to the eyelids with glue as a binding agent. With the development of technology, the most popular product on the market right now is glue eyeliner. This is an eyelash tool that combines eyeliner and glue.

②Magnetic eyelash

Magnetic eyelashes refer to the fact that the lash band has several small magnets that help the lashes adhere to the eyelids. Because the magnet itself has a certain weight, the magnetic hair can not support the longer eyelashes.
wholesale colored mink lashes CD98
wholesale colored mink lashes CD98

4.Suitable for different occasions of eyelashes.

①Bussiness Lashes:

The eyelashes applied in the workplace will mostly reflect the charm of business women. Lashes worn for work will be very simple and natural.

②Wedding lashes:

Brides often choose their wedding eyelashes according to their preferences, which will reflect the bride’s happy mood.

③Party lashes:

If we are attending a party or a festival event, we can choose a more personal lashes and colorful lashes are also a good choice.

④Stage lashes:

In order to achieve a variety of stage effects, makeup artists will make different styles of different colors of eyelashes for the performers on the stage according to different themes.

⑤Travel lashes:

Most travel lashes will be very comfortable and light, ensuring basic makeup and giving the wearer a clear line of sight without affecting the beautiful view.

⑥Dating eyelash:

Dating girls always want to impress people, so the right lashes should be carefully considered. Our dating lashes are extremely attractive.

5.The technology of eyelash production affects people’s health.

①Some manufacturers use glue molding, such a process to produce eyelashes with residual substances, which may cause damage to people’s eyes. First of all, the wearer will have red and swollen eyes. In severe cases, it can cause blindness.

②Our eyelash manufacturing process is the world’s leading. We use high temperature molding instead of glue molding. If you know anything about chemistry, you will understand that physical processing is often healthier than chemical processing.

③At present, the epidemic ,named COVID-19, situation is not optimistic. After high temperature treatment, the eyelashes produced by us are absolutely bacteria-free.

eyelash glue eyeliner pen
eyelash glue eyeliner pen

How to choose a reliable Mink Individual Lashes Vendor ?

A responsible eyelash supplier can often be of great help to customers.

First of all, they will introduce their products very detailed.

Second, they will describe in detail the eyelash production process, including their factory.

Third, in addition to providing eyelashes, good suppliers often also provide you with eyelash tools, eyelash boxes, etc.

Last but not least, our company will design the eyelash packing box for customers for free.

wholesale mink lashes vendors
wholesale mink lashes vendors

1.We have a professional design team.

We will design eyelash packaging boxes and logos for you for free. You only need to provide them to us.

You should provide the brand name

Tell us your ideas about the design, such as the color of the box, the shape of the box, etc., and we’ll convey it to the designer.

Then we will send the 3D design sketch and production drawing to you for your confirmation before production.

2.A reliable company can never be without a production team.

Our professional production team has a clear division of labor.

a. We have a total of 120 production workers in our factory.

b. They are all highly skilled workers.

c. Productivity: Each worker can produce about 8-10 pairs of eyelashes per day.

d. Our eyelashes are all handmade.

wholesale colorful mink eyelash CD78
wholesale colorful mink eyelash CD78

3.Dedicated photographers are the key to producing beautiful, realistic images.

 Maybe some people don’t understand this. It takes about 30min-60min to repair a professional picture. In order to let customers clearly identify each style of lashes, photographers carefully repair the image every day.

Our after-sale team is responsible for the production, transportation and delivery of the products

If there is any problem about the damaged goods, the customer only needs to send pictures and videos to us, and we will send them to you in the next order.

5. Business team.

A business team is something that happens in a traditional business.

6. We have special personnel responsible for the storage, packing and delivery of our products.

7.IT department

An IT department is something that a healthy company must have in place to reassure consumers.

wholesale lashes DJ89
wholesale lashes DJ89

Can I get some samples about the Wholesale Individual Lashes Mink?

If you are lucky enough to read this article, then I would like to tell you that you can get our three pairs of eyelash samples for free.

And If you want to get a free sample of eyelashes, you can add whatsapp to ask for help. Looking forward to your consultation!

Which shippment would you prefer?

All our cooperation is based on international express transportation. We choose the best and most efficient international express company in the world.

For example, our most commonly used Fedex TNT, DHL, in addition, we also have UPS and other express transportation.

As for the delivery time, if you do not customize the product, we will deliver it within 24 hours.


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